Actor Corey Cott, age 25, and wife Meghan Woodlard tired of each other 3 years into their married lives??

January 31, 2016
First published on:January 31, 2016
by HitBerry

Actor Corey Cott and his wife Meghan Woodllard got married some three years ago. The 25 year old handsome hunk tied the knot with his girlfriend Woodllard back in January 2013 and they both seemed over the moon about it.

But we have started hearing a few rumors about the much in love couple and how their marriage was in trouble. Several speculations about their troublesome married life are being heard. So we contacted a source close to Cott and Woodllard to confirm the rumors. 

The insider, who gave us exclusive information on the loving pair and their personal life, said that the rumors were totally FALSE. The source clearly denied these rumors that Cott and his wife were sick and tired of each other. The informant confirmed that there was no trouble in paradise as the couple was happily married to each other. 

The insider further revealed that Cott and Woodllard were even planning on having kids. 

“The rumors about Corey and Meghan separating are totally false. They were simply created by someone for the sake of cheap clicks. They are totally happy with each other and there is no problem in their relationship,” said the source.

“I think people should think before they speak. People love to create false rumors about other people just for entertainment. But what they don’t realize is that they are hurting someone else’s life,” said the informant angrily. 

The story teller even requested everyone to stop making and believing such rumors. 

“I request everyone out there to think twice before you spread such rumors and see how authentic they are before believing them.”

Adding more to the rumors, the gossip monger said, “Corey and Meghan dated each other for a long time before getting married. They understand one another and they know what makes them happy, so there is hardly any chance of separation. They are absolutely in love and even planning for children.

“Well I am not saying that the couple will be having kids right away. What I am trying to say is that they have started thinking about having kids and they will be planning for one soon enough. But they have decided to wait a couple of years.

“We all know how busy Corey is. He is at the height of his career, so he wants to continue and do something better in the show biz before becoming a father. And both Corey and Meghan are too young, don’t you think?” the source said cheerfully. 

So as per the information given by the source, this American stage actor and singer is perfectly happy with his wife. And they were even planning to be parents in the near future. 

The Newsies Star officially announced his marriage to his fans via Instagram. The couple posted the photo where they flashed their wedding rings with the hashtag #ShePutARingOnIt. The pair set off on their honeymoon soon after. 

The young actor’s net worth remains undisclosed. 

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