Actor Corbin Bernsen, age 61, and wife Amanda Pays on the verge of a divorce???

HitBerryPublished on   14 Jan, 2016Updated on   14 Jan, 2016

Corbin Bernsen, the American Television actor, is reportedly having trouble in his married life with his wife Amanda Pays at the late age of 61. Sources say the couple is heading towards a bitter divorce.

The actor has already been married twice. His first wife Brenda Cooper, according to sources, had stated that they were young and had made a mistake by getting married so fast, after her divorce to him. It seems as if Corbin is heading towards another divorce – a sad fate for the Bernsen family.

Bernsen has four children, all boys, with the British actress Amanda Pays. They have been married for over 25 years now. They both, according to sources, have reported dissatisfaction in their marriage. Sources say that the feud had started upon the death of Pays mother, when the American actor did not make it a point to attend the funeral.

Sources say that they had not been happy with each other since the birth of their second child. But, they held on for their children. Now, they have decided that it’s better for both of them and their careers to separate as it has been hampering their work a lot.

Corbin, who is known for his role as divorce lawyer Arnold Becker on the NBC TV drama L.A. Law, is ironically getting his second divorce, according to sources.

Bernsen was born in North Hollywood, California. He is the son of Hollywood producer Harry Bernsen Jr. and veteran TV soap actress Jenna Cooper. Brensen went to Beverly Hills High School and later on, went to the University of California (UCLA), where he obtained his undergraduate degree in Theater Arts and a Master in Film Writing.

His other recognized works include his role as Dr. Alan Feinstein in the Dentist, as Henry Spencer, a retired policeman, on the USA Network comedy drama series Psych and his role as Roger Dorn in the movie Major league: Back to the minors. Major League I and II are appreciated widely all around the world.

Bernsen has also done some writing and production work on television. He is the co-owner of Public Media Works, which is a new media house that takes out soap operas.

He is the author of Rust, which was held in high regard by authors all around the world. The adaption of his novel is also a feature film, where he starts as the protagonist of the movie.

Bernsen started his career in the showbiz as a professional actor in the soap opera Ryan’s Hope. He then immediately got his role as Arnold. Despite having his family’s work in the Television business, he worked his way up like a commoner.

He is estimated at a net worth of $6 million dollars.