Actor Chris Zylka and ex-girlfriend/fiance Hanna Beth back together and getting married

Chris Zylka, considered by many to be one of the best looking men in today’s entertainment industry, created quite havoc on Twitter when he ended his engagement with his fiancée Hanna Beth. The engagement, which was supposed to end in a marriage, instead ended with a bitter Twitter row.

Recent rumors have surfaced that Chris and Hanna have shown interest in reuniting, even after (at the time of their breakup) it seemed like the two were never going to be seeing each other again, at least in this lifetime. The split, which came in May after being engaged for over ten months, was surprising for everyone. But the recent rumors have left fans of both the celebrities dumbfounded.

Chris was always supportive of his girlfriend Hanna, even before she ended up being his fiancée. But, Chris has always told his close friends that he never received the same support from her.

They had split earlier this year when Chris had found reason to believe that he was being cheated on by his fiancée. Chris was very verbal after the split, accusing her of many other atrocities. Hanna, on the other hand, did not make any comments on the matter and remained silent through the transition that rocked both their lives.

Now, after all the melodrama, sources claim Chris has recently been seeing Hanna secretively. Some inside sources even claim that Chris even went so far as to apologize to Hanna for the allegations and all that he put her through. There is hope that we might see a reunion between them though.

This wasn’t the first time one of Chris’s partners was humiliated by him on social media. Chris has a history of following a similar pattern every time he splits up with his girlfriends or partners.

However, we are not clear whether Hanna has forgiven Chris or not. But recently, when Chris was seen leaving Hanna’s place, witness said he was in high spirits and seemed happy.

Chris, in his professional life, has achieved a fair amount of success. He has already starred in a number of movies and over a dozen TV shows. Some of his most notable performance was in movies is in “The Amazing Spider-Man”. He has two more movies that are set to release by the end of the year titled, “Bare” and “Michael”.

When it comes to TV shows, Chris has achieved a lot and is currently playing one of the main characters in the hit TV show “The Leftovers”. Some of his other notable performances in TV are “The Secret Circle” and “10 Things I Hate About You”.

Chris is also very communicative with his fans on social media portals and is regularly posting fresh feeds online, especially on Twitter and Instagram. He can be followed on Instagram as chriszylka and on Twitter @chriszylka.

Chris is also reportedly one of the highest paid actors on the show “The Leftovers”. However, his net worth remains undisclosed.