Actor Charlie Tahan, aged 18, eager to move away from parents

October 1, 2015
First Published On: October 1, 2015
by HitBerry

Well, well, well!! Teenagers these days, huh!! It’s not rare to see teenagers eager to stray away from their families’ rule and get a life of their own. Keeping the debate of whether this beneficial for them aside, it is without doubt what a lot of teens want – to get out and live an independent life on their own. But for most, money is a problem. But unlike other teenagers, Charlie Tahan can be sure of one thing. Boy does he have enough money to comfortably live on his own. He can actually have a pretty sweet home of his own, which he plans to. Oh, the advantages of starring in movies at a young age!!!

Now that Tahan is eighteen, well, with all those teenage desires to have fun and breeze through life, the news that Tahan wants to move out comes as a no shocker. Nonetheless, it can also be said that his move does not come due to family problems. If rumors are to be believed, this boy here, has a smooth relationship with his parents. He shares a great relationship with his father and it can be said that he wanted to move out just for the FEEL of starting a new life. Born in Glen Rock, New Jersey, he is the brother of actress Daisy Tahan. He also has an older brother named Willi.

Tahan got his break after he was selected to portray the role of Ethan in I Am Legend. After the break, he went on to appear in the movie Burning Bright. That was not the best of choices, but following his stint at the movie, he then co-starred alongside Zac Efron in the 2010 film Charlie St. Cloud, which unlike Burning Bright was a pretty sweet deal. Efron is currently the most sought actors of his generations and if Tahan is to follow in Efron’s footsteps, we can expect him to be the next heartthrob amongst girls.

Tahan starred as William Woolf in the movie The Other Woman.along with Scott Cohen and Natalie Portman. He also contributed his voice in the Oscar nominated animated movie Frankenweenie and regularly appears as Calvin Arliss on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, another great show! As of late, he was part of two episodes of the superhero TV series Gotham. Yes, Gotham – the city of Batman. If you are a fan of Arrow or Flash or any superhero show, be sure to check this series out. 

Aged 18, Tahan will be a legal adult and be allowed to move wherever he wants. When and where he moves still remains to be known. But, the star has yet to reach the greatest of heights of success in Hollywood so we’re guessing he’ll stay in Los Angeles. Nonetheless, given his young age and the pedigree of his achievement, he is definitely on the right track. For more on Tahan, you can always follow him on Twitter and Instagram.