Actor Cedric Yarbrough, age 42, hopes to get married and settle down with wife and kids before he turns 50

December 30, 2015
First Published On: December 30, 2015
by HitBerry

Is actor Cedric Yarbrough ever getting married? This is the question we all have been asking each other for ages. But no one seemed to have found the proper answer to it. But believe us, Yarbrough himself has been asking the same question for several years, “When am I to get married?’. And you won’t believe the news that we have brought for you. 

Yarbrough, who is currently single, won’t be staying so for much long. Rumor has it that the comedian wants to get married and settle down with wife and kids before he turns 50. A source close to the American comedian and actor gave us all the information about Yarbrough’s desire to get married before turning 50. 

The insider said that the comic actor is quite eager to move on with his life and change his relationship status from single to married. “Cedric wants to get married soon and he wants to settle down in his family life with his future wife and children,” said the informant. 

“He has been alone for quite a long time and being single is difficult for him. He does not have any one to take care of him and his home. He wants to find a girl who could not only love him and handle him, but also his house and life,” explained the informant. 

The star, who starred in the Comedy Central television series Reno 911! as Deputy S. Jones, has dated a few women in the past. But the identities of all his girlfriends have been a big secret. And according to the insider, the actor is not dating anyone at the moment. But he is desperate to meet someone whom he could share his feelings with and start a family with. 

“He is trying to hook up with few ladies and he has started seeing several of them. But he has not found the woman he is looking for. But, he has not lost hope. He wishes to find that special someone before he turns 50,” informed the anonymous source. 

The actor is famous for lending his voice to Tom Dubois and Colonel H. Stinkmeaner on The Boondocks animated series, which was featured on the Adult Swim lineup. Yarbrough has also lent his voice to Firestorm in the animated film, Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. The black American actor has also been featured in the role of Jules in the Fox Network TV series, Rake. 

We hope that this talented actor, who is already in his early forties, would soon find his soul mate before he turns 50. We also wish that he finds a woman who could love him and give him beautiful children in the future. 

This actor, who is currently at the height of his career, has an estimated net worth of $1 million dollars.