Actor Casey Siemaszko getting married early next year!! Who is his soon-to-be wife???

November 27, 2015
First Published On: November 27, 2015
by HitBerry

Casey Siemaszko might be getting married early next year!! Apparently, rumors have surfaced on the web that Casey will finally be tying the knot with his long time girlfriend. Sources close to Casey have said he and his secret long time girlfriend have already gotten engaged in a small ceremony, which was attended by close friends and family.

Earlier in the month, Casey was spotted with a woman shopping at Tiffany’s. Bystanders have stated that they were very keen on a specific ring, although Casey did not have anything to say to the media waiting for him outside.

Casey, who had taken a hiatus from acting in early 2014, had at that time mentioned his intention of spending more time with his family and concentrating in starting a family. Casey, although linked to several people, had never been linked to anybody substantially. So, we do not have a concrete idea as to who is bride to be is.

However, we can confirm that dear old Casey will no more be single in the coming summer. Sources close to him have also said the wedding is going to be a family affair with only a few of Casey’s and his bride-to-be’s close friends in attendance.

Casey has never been married before and sources claim that he is pretty excited about his marriage. He has been making plans to start over after marriage. Marriage is a very sacred union for Casey, who has learnt to value it from his parents, who taught him well.

Casey, who has found new hope in his personal life, has had a very illustrious career professionally. His career has spanned over forty movies and TV shows. His most notable performances have been in the “Back to the Future “series.

Casey, who has taken a hiatus from acting, has mentioned that he now wants to concentrate his career on production and directing. He is currently working on a project based on Polish Jews who moved to Israel during the foundation days.

Casey has been spending time, mostly in Israel, conducting research. Although coming from a Roman Catholic family, his father was subjected to harsh treatment as a Jew and was a survivor of the Sachenhausen concentration camp. He has drawn inspiration from his father’s story and his father’s friends for the project he is working on.

Casey, other than his career in entertainment, is also a renowned sportsman and has completed in Olympic Triathlons. He regularly used to compete in League Soccer in his early twenties. He has also had a lifelong training in Martial Arts and has mastered Tae-kwon-Do.

Casey was considered one of the most versatile actors and was the most sought after actors by prominent directors like Michael Mann during the eighties.

Casey's net worth remains undisclosed.