Actor Caleb Ruminer, age 23, talks about his acting career, his upcoming movies and projects

HitBerryPublished on   03 Dec, 2015Updated on   24 May, 2021

The popularity of the bad boy “Crash” from MTV’s ‘Finding Carter’, Caleb Ruminer is on the rise. The actor plays the role of ex-juvenile delinquent who was a drug dealer in the American teen drama. Courtesy of his onscreen persona and off screen charm, Ruminer is collecting fans from all around the world.

 Even though he has only completed one big project up until now, he has already established himself as the actor to watch out for. Ruminer has a fantastic acting ability and an equally amazing personality to go with it. All signs indicate that his popularity will only grow in days to come.  Ruminer has talked about his plans for his acting career and his upcoming projects in the recent interviews.

“I’ve been auditioning a lot. I’ve been close to a few projects, but I’ve got two things in the back of my mind. Well maybe three things. I could possibly do an episode or two of another show if I get the chance.” Ruminer said.

The actor has publicly stated that he would like to appear on more on-screen roles than he currently is on. The producers who are willing to bring him on their show and ride the soaring tide of Ruminer’s popularity are also high in number. This makes his appearance on more TV series all but certain.

“I’ve always wanted to be an actor. I specially loved the Spy Kids when I was little. I would love to [play] a role of spy one day.” This was his answer when he was asked why he became an actor. Ruminer is rumored to be very close to “Fortitude” creator Simon Donald. So, he could appear in the mystery series in the near future.

The actor has also made appearance in TV series Lethal Seduction and Ambient.  Only at the age of 23, the actor seems to be working harder than ever to climb the proverbial mountain of success.

With a height of 6 ft 3 inches, almost Greek god like face and likable personality, Caleb Ruminer certainly has no problem with the ladies. He is rumored to be dating Milena Govich. The actor is yet to have a documented public outing with his alleged girlfriend. So, whether the two are really together or not cannot yet be confirmed.

Caleb Ruminer’s soaring popularity is on the show around his social media outlets as well. “Being able to communicate with fans is great! I love it. In a way, I think showing them a little bit of who you are helps remind them that you are just playing a character on screen.” This is how actor said when asked why he is so active in social media platforms.

His Instagram has over 42k followers. He keeps around 50k of his fans updated about the happenings in his life through his twitter account.