Actor Bryan Brown, age 68, and wife Rachel on the verge of a divorce??

HitBerryPublished on   31 Jan, 2016Updated on   31 Jan, 2016

Bryan Brown and his wife Rachel Ward are allegedly at the verge of divorce after being married 32 long years!! But why???

Bryan Brown is an Australian actor. He met his present wife Rachel Ward in 1983 on the set of ‘The Thorn Birds’. Now 32 years into their marriage, there have been rumors of them being on the verge of divorce. What is still uncertain though is the reason behind this.

Both husband and wife have been in film industry for a long time now. They have also starred together in some movies and they have been one of the greatest hits as an on-screen couple.

It is really rare to hear of a couple who have been together for this long getting a divorce, especially when the actor is 68. I mean, don’t they want to stick together in their old age?? Are they thinking of getting divorce? The matter is getting very serious. But we still have some hope that this is just another celebrity gossip.

The couple definitely have had their differences in the past. Bryan and Rachel often talk in interview about how their individual differences and beliefs have often created a disputed between them. This dissonance may be one of key reason behind their conflict. The reports have it that their relation is going way ward. Is it possible that their three decades together has bred nothing more than resentment?

Whether or not they are separating, their initial love story is very romantic. According to sources, when Bryan met Rachel on the set of ‘The Thorn Birds’, they were coworkers. Bryan read her palm and told her that she will have 3 children. No sooner, they got married and now they have 3 children, one of whom is in the field of acting.

It seems the initiation of their marriage does not guarantee a life together. Although they have been together for over three decades, they are finally accepting that they cannot accept their differences anymore, accourding to our sources. They might be thinking of separating and considering how their children are not so young as to need both of them, it might really happen.

Bryan Brown is regarded as one of the greatest Australian actors out there, having appeared in nearly 50 movies in his acting career such as Money movers and ‘Two hands’. He is best known for his role as Luke O’ Neil in the American TV show ‘The Thorn Birds’.

Although he has only one sister, one man declared himself to be Bryan’s brother in the show ‘Nothing to Declare’.  This was however proven to be a fraudulent case.

The net worth of this awesome actor is reported to be around $3 million dollars or so. However, it has not been officially declared as some actors simply do not want to make their earning public.