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Actor Brian Dietzen and wife Kelly, married since 2004, expanding their family, planning on a third baby

December 8, 2015
First published on:December 8, 2015
by John

Brian Dietzen and his wife Kelly have been married for around 10 long years. And if recent rumors are to be believed, they are planning to have another child and make their family bigger. The couple is one of the most loving partners in the entertainment business and their love is going strong, even after a decade of marriage, which is often not the case with many celebrities.

The two had initially dated in the early 2000’s. Brian has acknowledged that the two had met at some party way back in 2000. A decade is a rather decent amount to have spent with a partner and now it seems they are planning to have another baby soon. “Longevity” is their marriage is definitely a possible outcome.

Brian Dietzen was born on November of 1977. While he has not played numerous amount of roles in Hollywood, the American actor played the supporting role of Jimmy Palmer on the TV series NCIS since 2004. Yes, the same year that he married his girlfriend Kelly.

In 2012, he was then promoted to a series regular. The show had reached its tenth season at the beginning of 2012. For NCIS fans, and there are many of those, Dietzen is a very lovable character. Not only does his character portray a good personality, but Dietzen himself is considered as one of the most popular actors within the cast of the hit series.

Apart from this show, Dietzen has also appeared in shows like Equus, Waiting for Godot, My Guide to Becoming a Rockstar etc etc etc. He started as a series regular, portraying the role of a drummer. Yup, he also is one fine drummer. He then teamed up with John Riggi and Steve Rudnick to host a show called The Oldest Man in Show Biz.

He has also starred in the movie, ‘From Justin to Kelly’. His role, Jimmy Palmer, is a medical examiner's assistant and, as mentioned, is a loved character.

Coming back to the main point, the actor did mention that he was set to adopt a child. But that rumor quickly faded out and no interviewer has mentioned this subject again. However, there have been rumors that the couple is soon to have another child soon. And they are in the process of adopting a boy.

Well, since neither Dietzen nor Kelly have spoken regarding this matter, we better not start making unnecessary fuss.

If you want to know more about Dietzen, you can follow him on Twitter. You can follow his wife on Instagram and well, that’s all for today. If the couple does plan on having another child, well…we’ll keep you updated.  


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