Actor Brian Bloom, age 45, only interested in younger women? What else does he find appealing in a girlfriend?

HitBerryPublished on   24 Feb, 2016Updated on   19 Jun, 2017

Despite hitting his late forties, Brian Bloom has still got those looks. Bloom is an American actor, screenwriter and voice actor.  With a dashing look, he has many female fans who dream of becoming his life partner. But is Brian Bloom gay?

He does not hesitate to show his gratitude to his fans and especially his female fans who he considers a pivot to his success. It is not unusual for a man to prefer younger women. Check out the full story below.

Actor Brian Bloom interested in younger women? Or gay?

There have been many rumors around the web about Brian being gay as well, but we think he is not. There have been many instances when female fans have been heartbroken when their favorite idol such as Neil Patrick Harris or Jim Parson came out as gay. Brian has few dating history, and since all of them are female, it can be inferred that Brian is not gay.

Brian Bloom Brian Bloom

We assume that the rumors started due to his exceptional performance in the series Oz as a gay prisoner. Here, he played the role of Ronnie in two episodes.

However, he had his Facebook profile public once, and it just screamed gay everywhere. And most of the sites call him gay. So, the confusion still stays.

Brian Bloom had previously dated Allison Smith and Tracy Richman but eventually broke up with both. He also dated actress Allysa Milano, but the two separated on 1996. He has not been married until today. When asked about the characteristics he looks for in a wife, he once satirically stated younger women. He did not seem to be serious at that time, so we guess he was only jesting with the public. He does not seem to be dating currently.

Allison Smith and Brian Bloom at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York City Allison Smith and Brian Bloom at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York City Source: gettyimages

Standing rather tall at the height of 6 feet 4 inches, Brian is the attraction for many female audiences. He is often praised for his beautiful blue eyes. His height, personality, and looks along with his attractive face have made him a sensation among women of all ages.

Brian Bloom's Career

Starting his acting career as a kid in commercials, Brian Bloom has successfully climbed the stairs to fame. He got his first big break from the movie Once Upon a time in America (1984), and he did not disappoint. Sergio Leone was one of the contributing people for his success, and Brian is thankful to him.

Brian Bloom Brian Bloom   Source: tvgcdn

He has made several appearances in numerous movies and TV shows. Known to be a pleasant personality, actor Bloom is liked by his fans as well as his co-workers. Bloom is also an excellent voice actor having voiced in over 30 video games. Similarly, he has also voiced various animated shows. One of his major voice acting jobs included his voice-acting role as Kane in Kane & Lync 2: Dog Days, Captain America in Marvel VS Capcom 3 and Black Mask in Batman: Arkham Origins.

There is no exact estimate of his net worth. There are many assumptions on the internet, and none of them are consistent and believable.