Actor Brian Baumgartner and wife Celeste Ackelson, who welcomed first baby this year, loving parenthood, keen to have more children

December 27, 2015
First Published On: December 27, 2015
by HitBerry

Actor Brian Baumgartner and wife Celeste Ackelson welcomed their first baby earlier this year and they totally love parenthood. And rumors have it, this lovey-dovey couple is already keen to have more children in the near future.

The American film and television actor, who is best known for his role as Kevin Malone in NBC’s American television comedy “The Office”, married his beautiful wife back in 2014. The lovely pair hadn’t even finished celebrating their marriage that the news of Celeste’s pregnancy surfaced in the media adding more happiness to their already happy life. 

Brian and Celeste welcomed their little bundle of joy in March last year and named their first child (their daughter), Brylee Bea. And now, little Brylee is hardly a year old and the proud parents are already eager to expand their small happy family of three in the near future. 

A source close to the husband and wife duo exclusively reported that the much loved couple was fully enjoying their parenthood and was already planning to have yet another kid. Let’s find out more about it!!

The source, who claims to be pretty close to Brian and his better half, revealed the secret plan these two have. They claimed that if time favored them, the pair was eager to expand their family with not just one more child, but several children. 

“Brian and Celeste are very much in love with their baby girl and they can’t have enough of her. They are cherishing each and every moment with their pretty angel and Brylee has made them more responsible not, just as parent, but also as people,” said the insider.

They further added: “It is their adorable daughter who brings out the best in them. And it is because of her that the couple has decided to have more kids in the near future.

“You can’t believe how excited they are to bear more children. They might not be having any this year or next, but they do plan on having their second one as soon as Brylee turns 3.”

So does this mean we might get good news in around two years? 

The Emmy winning artist, who won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Broadband Program-Comedy for his work in The Office, tied the knot with his beloved wife in 2014. The couple gave birth to Brylee Bea last year and that was when their life changed. 

Like his sweet-loving character Kevin Malone on the NBC hit series, he became a proud dad to his baby girl. He even shared a sweet snap of his newborn daughter with him via Instagram to announce the birth of his baby.

The photo was captioned: "My latest project. 9 months in the making. I am happy to announce the arrival of my daughter- Brylee Bea- healthy and very happy. She told me she looks forward to catching up on all the old episodes of The Office once her eyes adjust to life." 

Though the picture of him and his daughter was clear, the actor, like always, managed to keep his famous front teeth hidden. 

Though the couple publicly announced the birth of their daughter, they managed to keep the pregnancy and the birth a huge secret for nine whole months. WOW!!!