Actor Brandon Soo Hoo, age 20, open to dating fans!! Who wants to be his girlfriend?

HitBerryPublished on   05 Dec, 2015Updated on   17 May, 2021

Ever wondered what is it like to be dating a celebrity? How is it like being at the centre of attention, all the time? Were you giving up on all of these dreams because you thought your chance to date a celebrity would never come? If your answer to all these questions was “yes”, there is some very good news for you! American actor Brandon Soo Hoo has reportedly expressed his wish to date one of his fans.

“When you are popular, dating becomes very hard.  Everybody expects me to date a film star or a singer. But I already know what it’s like to live like a star. I want to date someone ordinary, someone from a simple walk of life.” The actor said in one of his recent interviews.

If loads of confidence is what you are looking for, Brandon has it. If good looks are what you are after, he will not disappoint you. And if popularity is what you thrive for, Brandon can certainly give it to you! But wait there’s more! He has also reportedly said that his girlfriend would not have to spend a single penny in their dates.

“I am American by nationality but I am Asian by ethnicity. My parents want me to fall in love with someone, get married and have babies. I do want to fulfill their wish. But the options inside the Hollywood are very small.” The actor replied when asked why he doesn’t decide on someone from within the entertainment industry.

His net worth is valued at over $5 million dollars. He is good looking, compassionate and humble person. He could fit into anyone’s book as an ideal boyfriend.

All this must have raised a question in your mind, what does he looks for in his future lover?  He has stated that the only requirement is that you need to be straight female over the age of 18 years. He considers good looks and high intelligence to be important too.

The actor has said that he will be keeping an eye out for the girl of his dreams. He has reportedly stated that he will be taking help of the internet to find the girl for him. He has said he will keep an eye out for a fan who stands out in his social media platform.

The actor has height of 5 ft 7 inches and looks very attractive. He posts his pictures in his Instagram account regularly. Some of those pictures are even shirtless.

The actor is best known for his role in GI. Joe and 2007 hit Tropic Thunder. He has also made appearance in several other movies namely “Terry the Tomboy”, “Everything Before US” and “Ender’s Game”. His acting is described as natural and effortless by the critics.