Actor/Book Author Jim Beaver talks about coping with his wife's death and looking after his special needs daughter

HitBerryPublished on   01 Dec, 2015Updated on   24 May, 2021

"Supernatural" star Jim Beaver has finally spoken about how he coped with the death of his late wife Cecily Adams. Jim Beaver married Cecily Adams in 1989. The couple were together for a decade and a half before Adams dies. They have a daughter named Madeline together.

Beaver's daughter was diagnosed with autism after her birth. Only after sex week of this, his wife Cecily Adams was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Cecily Adams passed away from lung cancer in the March of 2004. At the time of her passing, their daughter was only 2 years of age.

 After his wife's demise, the actor took on the responsibility of raising his autistic daughter. He openly admits that there were periods during that time when he was in a constant state of depression. However, with the help of his friends and family, Beaver overcame his depression. His daughter is now 14 years old.

Beaver had responsibility towards special need child, an ailing father and a sick brother-in-law under his belt at the time. The actor admits that there were times when he felt it was all too much for him. He believes the can-do attitude he got from his time at the Marine Corps was the main reason he was able to cope with the situation.

The actor published a book titled "Life's That Way: A Memoir" in 2009. The book reflects on the difficult time he had to go through in his life and how he overcame those difficulties. In his book he writes," Life is a goal, not a passage or a receding image of what once was. And the path is lit by determination and by forgiveness."  He states that life is about moving forward, accepting the changes it goes through and being thankful for it at the end in his book.

Jim Beaver is also involved in several charities. He is actively involved with Autism Speak and The Actors Fund. However, the actor has said he finds John Wayne Cancer Foundation closest to his heart.

Jim Beaver has one of the easily recognizable faces in television today. In addition to a successful career as an actor, Beaver also had success as a playwright, screen writer and film historian. He has made countless appearances in several TV series and movies.  He has appeared in  hit TV shows like "Criminal Minds", "Breaking Bad" and "Dexter" to name a few. However, he is best known for his role in "Deadwoods".

The actor believes in celebrities being accessible to their fan.  He constantly interacts with his fan through his social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter. His Facebook page has over 289k fan from around the world while his twitter handle @jumblejim has over 742k followers.

The actor has been successfully keeping his net worth from the media.