Actor Blake Michael no longer dating model Essena O'Neill, ex-girlfriend quits Instagram after the break-up

December 11, 2015
First Published On: December 11, 2015
by HitBerry

?Actor Blake Michael is no longer dating model Essena O'Neill! But more interestingly, the model has bid goodbye to her social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube after the break-up. She is blaming Michael and the ‘social media’ and the biased and fake Hollywood for everything.

The American actor, singer, musician and model is best known for his role as Charlie Delgado in the Disney film Lemonade Mouth, as well as for his role as Tyler James in the Disney series Dog with a Blog. He has, till date, never spoke about his relationship with the aspiring model. But, friends of the latter have claimed that the winner of Young Artist Award for Best Leading Young Actor in a Television Series was actually dating their friend. Here’s the whole story behind their never before disclosed love story and recent break up…

Friends of Essena revealed that the break up was the reason why she quit social media. They claimed that the model was upset because of her break up with her boyfriend and was writing her very first book.

They claim that the teen model became ‘disillusioned’ with her celebrity status after breaking up with her actor boyfriend. Most probably, they were referring to Blake. The former girlfriend of the Disney heartthrob uploaded an emotional video a month earlier and publicly announced that she was quitting Instagram based on the fact that her online persona was more or less edited.

In the 18 minutes long video, the rising super model revealed how she dated a guy "way more famous than her” and how she mingled with other social media celebrities in LA.

Michael and Essena reportedly met each other at a house party in July and dated for a few weeks before splitting. According to sources, the former love flame of the actor had started hating the lifestyle in Los Angeles and Hollywood where Michael himself grew up as a boy and gained ultimate fame as a teen star.

"The reason she is so upset and so down is because of the break up with this guy... what she is saying is fake," the friends stated.

The spokeswoman for Essena reported to the Daily Mail that her first book was on the way and she was not ready for any sort of public appearance. She wrote on an e-mail: "Essena is not doing any more press at this stage and does not want to comment any further about her decision to quit social media.

"Instead she is focusing her time and efforts into her website, "Let's Be Game Changers" and also writing her first book."

We don’t know what her upcoming book is exactly about, but we can expect a lot of secrets on the show biz and on Michael to be spilled. We can only hope that the sexy model will not write anything nasty about our favorite Disney star and Hollywood.

"I was dating a guy that was way more famous than me - 'famous' - way more successful, had an amazing car, beautiful beyond words. And he was f***ing depressed!" she said.

"I was like, 'what? You have everything!'."

She was literally crying when she said how everyone in this industry was surrounded by wealth, fame and power, yet everyone was miserable, and how she suffered a lot in LA.

So does she mean that Michael is also a victim of the so-called social media and the show biz where he was exposed to fame and wealth way earlier than he was supposed to? May be or may not be. We don’t know. But we know one thing for sure and that is, Blake has not reacted or commented on her outburst.

Blake is busy with a number of movies and songs and is cashing out on his fame.