Actor Blair Redford, age 32, denies the rumors that he is getting married!!

HitBerryPublished on   01 Nov, 2015Updated on   13 May, 2021

Blair Redford, the American hunk, has been known to have dated some of the finest women on TV over the years; from Alexander Chando and Vanessa Marano to Jessica Serfaty. Lately though, he has been getting unwanted attention due to some rumors that have surfaced about him being ready to tie the knot.

Although some sources claim that he was on the verge of proposing his then girlfriend Jessica, he has denied all such claims and has said it was always very casual between the two.

Redfort and Jessica were quite the couple and were seen together many times at clubs, attending events and on holidays all over the world. Jessica constantly kept fans updated by her numerous post on her Instagram account.

Redford, after his split with Jessica Serfaty, has taken somewhat of a hiatus from dating, relationships and to some extent public appearances. He has managed to keep himself away from media scrutiny and has been toiling on the sets of different shows and projects he is committed too.

Blair has dispelled all such rumors by stating “the thought has yet to cross my mind”. Instead, he has said that he is busy working and doing everything he can and making sure he achieves his dream of being a successful actor and movie producer.

Blair is popularly known for his role in the movie “Burlesque“ and most recently, he has been gaining popularity for his roles in the various TV shows he has been a part of. Most popular of those being “Switched at Birth”, “The Lying Game” and “Satisfaction”.

Blair is currently working on a studio movie, which he has said he cannot share much of, as the studio doesn’t want him to. He says the upcoming movie will give him the attention he deserves as an actor. Along with the undisclosed movie, Blair has also already been working on the highly anticipated second season of his popular TV show “Satisfaction”.

Blair, as a young adult, was considered to be one of the best looking people in the state of Georgia. When Bair did theatre in college, the audiences were mostly girls who had come just to see him and nothing else. He has said that the secret to his good looks is his mixed ethnic background. He is a mixture of Irish, French, German, and Native American decent.

Blair has just entered the thirties club and is thirty two years of age. He has mentioned that he has plans to move his career into movies once he reaches thirty–five years of age. He has a fairly popular following on social networking platforms, given the fact that he isn’t much into social networking. However, he can be followed @Blair_Redford on Twitter.