Actor Ben Robson dating Prince Harry's ex-girlfriend???

January 8, 2016
First Published On: January 8, 2016
by HitBerry

Nobody has ever heard or seen actor Ben Robson with women. He is such a private person that we hardly hear anything about his dating life or personal life. But it looks like things are about to change now!!

Robson might finally be dating someone. Who? We know you all are getting excited to hear the name of that special lady. But have some patience and we will reveal the surprise to you. 

Well, a source close to the actor has exclusively revealed that Robson, who never seemed eager to hook up with anyone, might finally be dating someone. The insider gave us the scoop about Robson’s possible romantic affair with a hottie.

Before you go all gaga, let us remind you that the scoop we are about to give you is purely based on the source’s information and an event that has led us to believe that the actor might be dating this ‘lady’. 

The anonymous source revealed that the Vikings star has been getting quite close to none other than Prince Harry’s former girlfriend, Cressida Bonas.

We know, you all are just scratching your heads right now. Where is the connection between this sexy English beauty and Hollywood? We thought the same. But after the source gave us some proofs, we were convinced that something might be going on between Robson and Bonas. 

So how did they happen to meet each other? According to, Bonas attended the BAFTA-LA’s annual tea party where Robson was also present. And as per the online magazine, the former love interest of the royal handsome hunk Prince Harry was seen sharing a pretty good time chatting with Robson inside the party.

The magazine wrote: “Walking into the party, she gave a big hug to hunky Vikings star Ben Robson, who she also spent time chatting with inside the party.” 

The informant said that though the magazine presented their chat and the ‘Big Hug’ thing as something natural, it was something more than that. The tale bearer spilled the beans on Robson and Bonas’ brewing relationship and said that what was published on the online mag was just a small part of it. 

“Yes Cressida talked to everyone and posed for pictures as well, but here’s news. Her eyes were on Ben the whole time. She was not able to keep her eyes off of him. Cressida was so attracted to Ben that she could not stop herself from hugging him and talking to him,” revealed the source.

The gossip monger further added: “And as far as I know, the duo even shared numbers and they have met each other a couple of times since. Ben is enjoying his time with Cressida and they hope to meet each other more often. And it looks like things are heating up between them. But they won’t be going public even if they take their relationship to the next level.” 

So if Robson and Bonas are indeed dating, then we hope that their relationship flourishes and one day we would be able to see them as husband and wife, happily married. 

The actor, who has appeared in several movies and TV shows, is at the height of his career. He recently appeared in his new movie “The Boy”.