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Actor Beck Bennett shares his thoughts on dating, married life and issues faced by gay people

December 23, 2015
First published on:December 23, 2015
by HitBerry

Saturday Night Live cast member Beck Bennet is one of the most out spoken gay rights supporter in the industry. He regularly takes part in events relating to the equal right movements. In his recent interview, he has spoken about what he thinks about dating and marriage. He has also given his take on the issues the gay community faces today.

He stated that even though the perspective that our society held regarding gay marriage just few years back has changed, there are plenty of improvements to be done.  He claimed that gay people are still judged and considered inferior to other men. Homosexuality is still seen as a disease by many.

“If two people love each other, I have no problem with them marrying each other even if they are of same sex. In fact, I’d encourage two people who love each other to get married. It will teach them a lot about compromise and understanding”, the actor expressed his view on gay marriage.

He also stated that religion should teach peace, harmony and acceptance. He disclosed that he is against any religion that promotes violence against gay people. He also claimed that gay marriage is completely natural; pointing to fact many animals besides human also have homosexual relationships.

The comedian has, however, not yet made his love life public. There is no information on whether he has wife or a girlfriend. There are also claims that Bennet is gay and that is why he is showing such huge support towards the LGTB community.  But since he has not made any official statement about the topic, it looks like his fans have no other option than to wait until he reveals his sexuality.

Bennet graduated from USC School of Dramatic Arts, where he majored in B.F.A acting program. Right after his graduation, he created a sketch group ‘Good Neighbor’ with Dave McCary.  In 2011 he played in a commercial for AT&T, “It’s Not That Complicated” where he interviews children.  He is best known for the performance he gave in this TV advert. He has been regularly featured in SNL for quite a long time now. His sketch portrayal of ‘Baby Boss’ in the show is much loved by his fans.

Bennet is very active in social media platforms. The influence he has on his followers is also very big. His Instagram alone has nearly 50k followers. His Twitter is also very popular. He regularly delivers message of equality and acceptance through his social media accounts. Such a big celebrity speaking about equal rights for gay people is sure to have a positive impact.

His net worth is valued at an excess of $1 million dollars. Since his popularity is on the rise, he will be appearing in several movies in the coming year. His net worth is expected to show an exponential growth very soon.

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