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Actor/Artist Noah Taylor and wife Dionne Taylor, married since 2012, expecting their first baby together

November 1, 2015
First published on:November 1, 2015
by HitBerry

Actor/Artist Noah Taylor and wife Dionne Taylor, married since 2012, might be expecting a baby!!

English-Australian actor and artist has always amazed us with his acting skills and amazing musical accomplishments. And now, it seems this talented actor and musician is all set to amaze his fans and lovers with breaking news. Taylor and his Australian fashion designer wife, Dionne might be expecting a baby, is what we’ve been hearing through the grapevine lately.

The insider has reported that the popular viola player and his beautiful wife Dionne are expecting their first child. We are not quite sure if the news of the pregnancy is true as neither the couple nor their rep has announced it or confirmed the rumor. But our sources claim that the news is indeed true and even gave us some detailed information to prove it.

“Noah and Dionne are indeed expecting their first baby. They are going to be parents and they are quite excited about it,” said the insider with full confidence. It added: “The Dionne got pregnant a month or two ago. Noah and she had been planning it for quite a long time. They planned the pregnancy earlier this year and now things have finally worked out for the both of them. Noah and Dionne are very happy with the news.”

“They have already done much of the needed preparation for the unborn baby and are eagerly awaiting the child to be born. They might be one of the most excited new parents I’ve ever seen in my life,” stated the informant with a smile on its face.

The gossip monger further explained: “They have had some parenting experience, taking care of Noah’s daughter Martha from a previous relationship. But they are still a bit nervous and are getting help from Noah’s mother Maggie and a few of their friends. The couple has already built a nursery and bought every necessary item for the baby and the future mother.”

The insider also informed us that the to-be-parents would love to have a daughter as their first child because Donnie is a fashion designer and she knows how beautiful a girl can look when she dresses up. “She wants a cuddly little baby girl whom she can dress up in her designs,” said the source.

But if she is really pregnant, why haven’t Taylor announced the big news yet? “Because they want to surprise their fans!! They want to keep the news a secret so that they could have a big reveal when the right time comes and surprise everyone,” replied the source.

So, if Taylor and his wife are indeed expecting a baby, then we wish them all the best for their future.

The husband and wife duo dated each other for a long time before tying the knot in 2012.