Actor Ari Lehman and wife Elaine Campos-Moya thinking of adopting children

December 13, 2015
First published on:December 13, 2015
by HitBerry

He isn't the most popular of singers/actors and he definitely does not make the cut among the Hollywood A-List celebrities, but if rumors are to be believed, he might be a great philanthropist. The actor and his wife, who already have two children of their own, are thinking of adopting more children.

The news came after Lehman mentioned this to a friend at a party. Maybe they were just chilling over a beer and he really didn’t mean it, but Lehman did mention that he was thinking of adopting an orphan. Well, how soon the paper works go through remains to be seen, but if the rumors are true and that is the case, Lehman is definitely a blessed soul.

Ari Lehman is not the most popular of actors. So, if you do not know him, well, it is not that uncommon. A singer and an actor, now having reached the age of 50, he may have loved to be a little more popular. But it cannot be argued that Ari Lehman has indeed made a name for himself. And even if there maybe occasions where Lehman may regret not having reached the peak of success, he must be pleased with the achievements he has earned so far.

On rare occasions, Lehman has talked about random stuff that included him reminiscing his shirtless antics and dissecting the rumors of him being gay.

Growing up in Connecticut, Lehman is most noted for his scary, spooky performance in the Paramount horror showdown, Friday the 13th.

Currently, he is in a band which goes by the name First Jason. Lehman has learnt music that includes classical music and jazz piano and his musical achievements includes the All-State Award for Excellence in Jazz Piano and a scholarship to Berklee School of Music, where he was the understudy to famous jazz educator Dr. Billy Taylor.

After gaining success appearing in the horror movie Friday the 13th, Lehman enrolled at the New York University where he worked on Big Band Orchestration and Jazz Piano. Then, he went on to form his own band, which he named Ari Ben Moses Band. He then went on to go to a lot of concerts where he flourished with his band. Lehman was then a popular figure amongst many fans.

Lehman became a sensation for the metal music band. He then created First Jason, a punk metal band that is basically catered to horror fans. Back in 2004, First Jason (his first band) released two hit albums: Jason is Watching! (2009) and "Heed My Warning,"(2013).

Apart from this, Lehman has also composed, performed and recorded a number of soundtracks for many different genres of movies. This includes Alexia Anastasio's "Salome", "Vampire the Movie" and many other movies.

As we mentioned, we really do not know much about his personal life and since he does not have a Twitter or Instagram, prying into his personal life is much harder. However, we do believe he and his girlfriend turned wife Elaine Campos-Moya are planning to adopt a baby.

The two do have a son together, but anything more than that is not known. As we said, he is not the most famous of persons. However, there were speculations that the two have agreed on the matter and are already setting up the necessary documents for adoption. It will be a good shift of pace for the married couple if they do adopt one. And as for the divorce rumors about them, they are completely fake.


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