Actor and Restaurant Owner Eddie Huang no longer narrating the show, Fresh Off the Boat

September 24, 2015
First Published On: September 24, 2015
by HitBerry

Fresh of the Boat isn’t like other comedy sitcoms. It is different in every aspect, most importantly for being the first ever TV show with an Asian-American family as the protagonist. The show was a huge success, garnering over 8 million viewers in its first two episodes itself. AMC, realizing the potential the show, has immediately ordered for a second season. Production has been underway and the first episode premiered last week.

Fresh of the Boat is based on real life memoires of American chef, food personality, restaurateur, actor, attorney and writer Eddie Huang. He had been given the role as narrator for the first season, but has decided not to continue with his job of narrating anymore. This has led to huge scale controversy and debate concerning AMC and Eddie.

Eddie has accused the network of turning the hardship and perseverance in his memoir into a corn starch sitcom, wholly concerned with making profits. Eddie commented, “They tried to make me look like a sell out and a mascot for America and I hated that.”

He further stated that the sitcom, having earned the rights to turn his memoirs into a TV show, ill treated him and discriminated him by trying to force him to say things that he felt were unethical to his principles.

After being in constant conflict with the show runners time and again for the entire first season, Eddie decided to quit the show altogether. He has gone on to say that “they were making me say things I did not want to and rather altering my story to suit their interest and undermining a writer’s view of perception.”

Even though Eddie was the narrator for the entire first season of the show, he did not stop talking bad about the show time and again on social networking platforms like Twitter. He tweeted several times saying he does not watch the show and that it was a complete misinterpretation of the book. It was solely concerned with making the show a device to pump money into AMC’s chest, he further stated.

Eddie has been a source of inspiration for many young Chinese teenagers and men in American and Canada. Although he had a successful career in many fields, he followed his father’s footsteps and opened a Taiwanese restaurant named “BaoHaus” in the high end side of East Village Manhattan.

Eddie, known by his close friends for being a player when it comes to women, hasn’t married yet. However, he is known to have dated numerous women. He has previously said “it’s very difficult for me to find a wife”. Eddie is very popular on his social networking platform like Twitter with over 68K followers. He can be followed under the username @MrEddieHuang. Eddie doesn’t use Instagram.