Actor Adrien Brody and sexy model girlfriend Lara Lieto, dating since 2013, are getting serious, talks of engagement

December 13, 2015
First Published On: December 13, 2015
by HitBerry

Oscar winner Adrien Brody and his sexy girlfriend Lara Lieto have announced their plans of getting engaged. Adrien and Lara have been inseparable since 2013 and are very flamboyant about their relationship.

Brody, who just cannot keep himself off Lara, has said he is very excited to formally get engaged to his soon to be wife. He also joked and said “The engagement is only a formal ceremony. We are already more than married”.

Brody and Lara plan to get married in the south of France, which is apparently Brody and Lara’s favorite destination. They have spent a number of holidays there. The date of the wedding is yet to be finalized, but inside sources claim that it will take place sometime in late spring of 2016.

Brody and Lara first met in the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in the year 2013, after which they have been glued to each other. Recently, they were seen on a vacation in Sardinia. Brody was seen shirtless, going for a swim with his girlfriend Lara. Brody and Lara have said they love to swim together wherever they go.

Earlier, they were spotted in their favorite holiday destination, Cannes. There, they were publicly displaying their affection at a friend’s yacht party. After spending some quality time there, Brody headed to other European cities to promote his upcoming film.

Sources close to the couple have said Adrien simply cannot resist Lara and is completely over whelmed by her. When they are back home in Los Angeles, Brody is known to take Lara out for dinners frequently and their favorite part of town is West Hollywood.

The couple’s favorite restaurant is “Craig’s restaurant” where they are regulars and love the food there. Sources claim that this is where Brody popped the question in a rather informal way. However, has also been reported that officially Brody proposed to her in France.

Another of the couple’s preferred lunch destination is Mauro’s Café where they enjoy a Sunday brunch on a regular basis. Whenever they come back to town, they first head to the restaurant for a meal before heading home.

Lara is very supportive of Brody’s work and is always seen alongside him in various movie premiers. Brody, on a professional level, is one of the most distinguished celebrities today. Brody is also the youngest Oscar winner in the best actor category, which he won at just 29 years of age for his film “The Pianist”.

He is currently waiting for the premier of his upcoming movies “Emperor” and” Stone Barn Castel”. He has also already begun working for the movie “Banking on Mr. Todd”, which is set to release in the summer of 2016.

Brody almost lost his life while filming “Summer of Sam “, in which he decided to do his own stunts and ended up breaking his nose three times and sustained serious facial damages.

His Instagram profile is adrienbrody and he is known to post regular feeds. His net worth remains undisclosed.