Actor Adam Arkin finally ready to start dating again two years after divorce with ex-wife Phyllis Lyons

‘Fargo’ star Adam Arkin has been living the single life for over two years now. He got divorced from his former wife Phyllis Anne Arkin in 2014 after spending 13 years together. Following the divorce, there were several suggestions that Arkin has lost interest in romance and may never get back into the dating game. But despite those rumors, Arkin has revealed that he is finally on the lookout for a new girlfriend.

“I have not been seeing anyone for the past two years because I needed some time for myself. When you get separated from someone with whom you have spent 13 years together, it takes a toll on you. Coping with it was much harder than I thought it would be”, the actor said to our sources. He also made it clear that he doesn’t have a girlfriend at the moment.

 The exact reason behind Arkin’s divorce is unknown. But it was suggested that Arkin had homosexual relationship with one of his gay friend while he was still married. This made his wife, who is of strong Jewish faith, divorce him. But Arkin has denied those claims, stating that he has always been heterosexual. He has also called those claims ‘baseless.’

Even though Arkin has been divorced twice till now, both of his former wives have nothing negative to say about him. They have both publicly claimed that Arkin is a very pleasing and positive person to live with.

Arkin has also hinted that he will only be dating someone with whom his children are compatible. He is a father two children, one daughter from his marriage with Linda and a son with Phyllis. With his worldwide fame and a net worth amounting to $10 millions, it won’t be long before he finds the right girl for him.

The actor had humble beginnings to his career. Arkin’s first major role was as a guest actor in the award winning 1975 TV series ‘Happy Days.’  His first starring role was in the 1977 sit-com Busting Loose. Since then he has made appearance in several TV shows and movies.  His role in Sons of Anarchy and ‘The West Wing’ are well appreciated by his fans and critics alike.

Apart from being a good actor, Arkin is also a very accomplished director. He has directed 3 episodes of the cold war drama ‘The Americans’.   He has won an Emmy for directing the TV short film ‘My Louisiana Sky.’ He also provided the voice for Fixer in radio drama series, ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’.

The actor can be followed on Twitter @admantage. He reportedly believes that his fans are the main reason behind his success. He communicates with them regularly through his Twitter. However, he has no Instagram account.