ABC's Anchor Lara Spencer Finds Super Rich Boyfriend After Divorce With Husband David Haffenreffer

Lara Spencer is an American television Journalist and a correspondent for Nightline and ABC news. The gorgeous lady is already 47 years old. It’s been a couple of years she got divorced with her husband David Haffenreffer.

David Haffenreffer is a 49 years old real estate broker who got married to Lara Spencer in 2005. Since the couple went through the break, let’s know who Lara is dating currently.

Divorced Lara Spencer is dating Rick McVey

Before jumping into her present affair, let’s talk about her married life first. The mostly known co-host of Good Morning America, Lara Spencer, has somehow managed to keep a healthy relationship with her ex-husband at the current moment.

Lara Spencer with her ex-husband, David Haffenreffer Lara Spencer with her ex-husband, David Haffenreffer, Source: dailymail

The couple was married after dating a long time. What got into their relationship? Their divorce rumors were going on for a long time but Lara finalized it on March 22, 2015. Well, we came to know that Lara was always working and could not manage time for her personal life.

 Instagram: Lara's kids

They have two children, Katherine Paige Haffenreffer and Duff Haffenreffer. David was the primary caretaker of the children as Lara was busy in her schedule. The couple came to a discussion of mutual divorce. She said it was a sad decision and did not come easily. Their 15 years of marriage came to an end.

They have done what they thought was right. Good for them. After the divorce with her ex-husband, she was rumored to be dating someone but that someone was unknown. Well, the mystery man is revealed as super rich Wall Street financier from the Midwest.

The couple was spotted having dinner at the New York’s restaurant. The chairman and CEO of the online bond trading company, Rick McVey, is Spencer’s new date. He is a millionaire and took $13.7 million last year in bonus and pay.

Lara Spencer with Rick McVey in New York Lara Spencer with Rick McVey in New York, Source: dailymail

Lara Spencer hasn't posted a picture with her boyfriend on social networking sites but we found out that she is a dog lover. She is frequently posting pictures of her dogs.

Instagram: Lara with her dogs

She seems happier and comfortable than before. Though Lara is divorced, she is successful in keeping a healthy and friendly relation with her ex-husband. Lara has said that they will always give their children a top priority and raise them together.