ABC reporter Gio Benitez engaged to boyfriend Tommy DiDario, getting married in Italy next year

November 27, 2015
First Published On: November 27, 2015

Gio Benitez was one of the first TV hosts to come out openly as gay. He has also just proposed to his long time boyfriend, Tommy DiDario. The proposal was something out of a fairy tale for the two as Gio proposed Tommy in the city of love, Paris, near the Eiffel Tower.

When pictures of the proposal were shared online, it created waves and Internet users were left with their hearts overwhelmed by the amount of romance and love between the two. Many have said that the picture perfect proposal was a motivation to them.

The picture shared by Gio shows him getting down on one knee in a rain spattered Paris morning with clear skies with the Eiffel tower in the background. Gio was holding Tommy’s hand to put the ring on his finger. They were later photographed embracing each other and sharing words of love between the two.

Tommy, for whom the incident was a total surprise, grasped for air as he could not believe what was happening.  Tommy later shared his thoughts saying he was overwhelmed by Gio and is now the happiest man on the planet.

After the proposal, the newly engaged couples headed to Spain to enjoy their recent commitment and were seen enjoying themselves in the sunny beaches of Stiges ,Spain. They shared some more candid pictures of them on social media, mainly on Gio’s Instagram profile. The response to their engagement has been overwhelmingly positive and supportive throughout.

Tommy has said “the recent vacation I just came back from was my dream vacation”.

Gio and Tommy’s engagement was clearly the most talked about topic among the gay community and drew a large number of people to the story. One premium newspaper reported that their story was featured on seven of the top ten leading newspapers in the US alone.

Gio and Tommy have been dating for over two years now. They were first introduced to each other through mutual friends. Ever since they got to know each other, they have been inseparable. Tommy is a fashion blogger and actor. He has said that Gio has always been the ideal man for him.

Tommy has also said that the support he receives from Gio over the years has been one of the reasons why he turned out to be so successful in recent years. He has also said that Gio, who is clearly his foremost supporter, is also his most direct critic and helps keep him in line.

Gio and Tommy have expressed that they will be married sometime next year in early summer. They have also said that the wedding will be a truly magical event and will be attended by friends and family. They plan to marry in an extravagant manner in the south of Italy on the beach, some inside sources have claimed.