ABC News Anchor Dan Abrams getting married with longterm girlfriend Florinka Pesenti

November 3, 2015
First Published On: November 3, 2015
by HitBerry

When it comes to News Anchor Dan Abrams, aged 49, we know him mostly for his professional life and career. He is an American television host, legal commentator, Web entrepreneur and author. He is also the former anchor of Nightline and he currently works as the Chief Legal Affairs Anchor for ABC News.

We barely talk about his personal life, which is even more interesting. He is currently in love with the beautiful Florinka Pesenti, whom he has been dating for a pretty long time. He and his girlfriend have an adorable son of named Everett Floyd Abrams, aged three, and now rumor has it that the proud parents of one are getting married very soon.

The former chief legal correspondent and analyst for NBC News is said to be ready to get hitched. The popular news anchor has been living with his longtime girlfriend and mother of his son for quite a long time now and they have finally decided to tie the knot.

Abrams, who romanced with Hollywood diva Renee Zellweger back in 2009, has been thinking of tying the knot with Pesenti, a source claimed. The source revealed that the couple, who has been dating each other for almost five years, are ready to exchange wedding vows.

“We all know Dan dated several ladies in the past; German actress Elisabeth Rohm, English actress Jaime Murray and the Oscar winning actress Renee Zelleweger to name the few. And you see all these former lovers are beautiful actresses. But he could not fulfill his commitment with any of them.

“It is not that easy to date a top actress. He didn’t marry or even got engaged to any woman besides the trio, but rather chose to give it a shot with a normal person. He dated Florinka and most amazingly, the couple did well. They even brought their son to the world. And Dan knows, Florinka is the one, so he wants to marry her and officially make her his wife,” the insider further added.

But don’t be all happy people, because as per the source, the proud father of one has not actually proposed Pesenti for the marriage. “He has yet to ask for her hand in marriage. He wants to surprise her and see how she reacts. I don’t know what this guy has in store, but it would fun to watch,” revealed the informant.

If the ABC news anchor is really eager to marry Pesent,i then we hope he does it quick. We wish the soon to be married couple all the happiness.