Abby Elliott's mom thinks she isn't hot enough to have boyfriend, Twitter disagrees

September 25, 2015
First published on:September 25, 2015
by HitBerry

Saturday Night Live alum Abby Elliot posted something on her Twitter handle that outraged her fans and followers. So what did she tweet that provoked her fans? No worries, she tweeted nothing harmful or offensive.

She just wrote: “@elliottdotabby me: How come I don't have a boyfriend? my mom: Maybe because you don't have a good enough body?”

Oh well, now that’s something we all would have surely disagreed with. The actress jokingly wrote that her mother pointed out that she did not have good enough body to have a boyfriend. And when her die-hard lovers and fans saw that, they took over the social media site with their supportive and lovely tweets.

One of Abby’s close friend Katreese Barnes posted a sad face: “‏@Katbeast  @elliottdotabby L” while the blonde beauty replied: “‏@[email protected] she was joking! she was doing the voice inside my head. she's a nice mommy. i miss you! How are you?”

Yeah we all knew she was joking but it seems like her friend took her more seriously than Elliot has expected.

The actress is currently single after her breakup with her former boyfriend and her SNL co-star Fred Armisen. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle star started dating him in August 2010. But they reportedly separated in 2011. The couple started their fling less than a week after his marriage with his wife Elizabeth Moss ended. The former husband and wife were married for ten months.

Several of her fans showed their support towards her by saying that she was not imperfect but rather hot and desirable. A few of her male fans even said that they wanted to be her boyfriend. Let’s check out few of those lovely yet funny tweets.

Higgy-G wrote:‏ “@HiggyG23 @elliottdotabby I'll be your boyfriend Abby!”

Another fan named Andy Mays jokingly said that her body was the only thing that s/he loved about her.

Another fan of her wrote: “‏@JWooden32 @elliottdotabby Me: That is not it. At all.”

Dan Rice said:‏ “@DRdiabloTHW @elliottdotabby because you havent met me yet. silly.”

And Kristopher R also replied pretty much the same way: “‏@cheesehead1976 @elliottdotabby Fiiiinnnneee...I will be your boyfriend.”

One of her sincere fans named Adam Bertocci sweetly defended the actress from other male fans. He wrote:‏ “@AdamBertocci @elliottdotabby I can only guess at the kind of replies you're getting from dudes you've never met right now.” Aw! Isn’t that sweet?

A follower called Reuben Glaser tweeted twice with a compliment: “‏@Reubnick @elliottdotabby and for what it's worth, I spent a certain amount of yesterday watching The Assistant and disagreeing with your mom.

“Goddammit, these tweets are torturous. I swear, if I lived in New York I'd offer to take you out for a sandwich THIS INSTANT.”

The SNL queen has been successful in keeping her personal life quite low profile. The actress, who has appeared in several movies, is currently enjoying her single life and does not want to involve herself in any romantic relationships. She might not be open for relationships, but she is not short of guys who want to be her other half as evident by her thousands of male fans on Twitter and Instagram.

The actress is currently busy working on Bravo’s TV series Odd Mom Out, as Brooke Von-Weber, one of the main characters. The daughter of comedian Chris Elliot has the net worth of $1.5 million.  


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