Aaron Kaufman New Show, Aaron Needs a Job to Premiere in July on Discovery

HitBerry TeamPublished on   02 Jul, 2019Updated on   08 Jul, 2019

Fans of Fast N’ Loud and Shifting Gears, rejoice! Your favorite master mechanic is about to grace the TV with a brand new show, and it is not going to be anything like you’ve seen before. After successful 14 seasons in Richard Rawlings’ Fast N’ Loud, and leading his own company and a show, Kaufman is charting on different waters.

On the Discovery show, titled Aaron Needs A Job, the master mechanic is venturing into different fields to understand the mechanics behind various industries. What are those? Let’s take a look. But, before we begin, take some time to subscribe to our channel and hit the bell icon.

Fast N’ Loud and Shifting Gears with Aaron Kaufman

Aaron Kaufman has been appearing in another show, Shifting Gears, which revolves around his shop, Arclight Fab, where he restores old Ford trucks. He opened the company after leaving Gas Monkey Garage, where he worked for over 14 years and also appeared on the show, Fast N’ Loud, as a part of the restoration shop. Shifting Gears finished its second season on March 27, 2019.

Kaufman is known for his fantastic restoration skills which he displayed in Fast N’ Loud. In fact, he once worked on Richard Rawlings’ car in a shop, and Rawlings loved him so much that he invited him to be a part of his shop, Gas Monkey Garage. He was a fan favorite in the show. So, it was out of the blue when he announced his departure from the show or at least, we as fans thought so.

Aaron Needs a Job: What is different?

In this new Discovery show, Aaron Needs a Job, which might be a little misleading because he is actually pretty caught up in his own shop and the show that he is currently appearing in. However, it will be cool to see Aaron taking new challenges as he has already mastered his way around an automobile.

The bearded genius will travel across the country to explore new motor-driven industries and look to learn new skills. He will be working on vintage military vehicle restoration in Uvalde, Texas. In the trailer of the show, we see him pretty ecstatic about riding a tank and crushing cars with it. More job for you later, Aaron.

To find his “new big gig,” he is traveling around the country. Aaron gets to visit NASA, train with firefighters in Nevada, be a part of a tugboat crew, visit a coal mine, run a coal-powered train in the snow, and get a look at the Las Vegas hotel service industry and more. We are also hoping that the guy in the fighter jet is Aaron, we are not sure.

'Aaron Needs a Job' premieres on July 15, Monday, 10 PM on Discovery. Be sure to tune in.