Aaron Jakubenko dating actress Ashleigh Cummings; Is she married?

HitBerryPublished on   04 May, 2017Updated on   06 May, 2021

You might be familiar with Aaron Jakubenko. He is a rising Australian actor from Melbourne. Aaron became famous after his role of Ander Elessedil on The Shannara Chronicles. Prior to this, Aaron worked in more than 30 episodes of Neighbors between 2009 and 2013.

Aaron's still struggling for making his place in the acting industry. We all are familiar with his acting skill and his career. But, his personal life is still unrevealed. No one clearly knows with whom he is dating currently. Let's have a look on it.

Who is Aaron Jakubenko dating?

In the acting field, we come to know about various interesting facts. One of those interesting facts is their affair. We see almost everyone dates every of their fellow workers. Though they share the fact with the public or not, we somehow come to know about it.

Famous Australian actor Aaron Jakubenko Famous Australian actor Aaron Jakubenko, Source: listal.com

The Australian handsome hunk Aaron is currently dating Ashleigh Cummings. Ashleigh is the well-known Australian actress. The 24aged actress rose to the fame in Razzle Dazzle: A Journey into Dance in 2007.

We are not aware of the fact when the couple started dating each other. But, it's clear that they are in a love relation for over two years. In these periods, they enjoyed most of their time happily. Aaron and Ashleigh often share their togetherness with their fans via Instagram.


Source: Instagram

The couple frequently shares their love life but still, it's familiar to the public. They both show their passion in their relation. It was Aaron Jakubenko's 28th birthday when Ashleigh wished her boyfriend via her Instagram.

About a year ago, they both went to New Zealand for their holidays. After their adventurous holiday, they shared their photos through Instagram. Aaron and Ashleigh always show their thankfulness to each other for being together for a while.

Is the Couple Marrying in Any Soon?

Both of the couple; Aaron and Ashleigh are at the peak point of their career. They are also young by their age. So, they might think about the marriage a little later. There is no news of their plan to tie a knot in a soon manner.

As both Aaron and Ashleigh are the active users of social sites like Instagram, Twitter. They frequently make their fans up to date about their relationship status. So we believe that they'd share their plan for their marriage if they would make their mind in future.

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Source: Instagram

Aaron joined the MTV's favorite show 'Shannara' back in 2014. His hard work and dedication towards his profession, it's slowly taking him to the Hollywood's radar. In an interview in 2016, Aaron shared some of his life moments and the memories from his struggle periods.

There he said, "I find that if I focus on that personal growth, in all areas of life, the rest takes care of itself".