Aaron Eckhart, who is still unmarried, is the 'perfect husband material". So, lets take a look at his dating history and girlfriends

Aaron Eckhart is a sweet heart and no one can deny that. Not even Nicole Kidman.

The critically acclaimed actor is Nicole Kidman’s favorite and the Oscar winning actress was so much in love with him that she once said that she wanted to marry him. (wink)

The amazing actor who appeared alongside Kidman in the American drama “Rabbit Hole” in 2010 impressed her so much that she begged him to star opposite in her movie.

If you are expecting Rabbit Hole to be some kind of fantasy movie where Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart fall through a rabbit hole and end up in a Wonderland, you are wrong. Actually it is a story of a couple whose son dies in an accident. The movie is based on a stage play of the same name.

Now let us not waste our time talking about the movie. We are here for the handsome Eckhart whose perfection makes everybody’s heart ‘Eckh’ with admiration.

So according to PEOPLE, as a producer of the movie, Kidman was free to choose the lead actor for Rabbit Hole and out of several men in Hollywood, she chose him. Why? Because she thought that he would make a terrific husband on and off-screen.

“I think he would,” she told PEOPLE back in 2010 during the premiere of the film.

 “Because he's very loyal and because he has a strong moral center – and he's fun.”

Besides Kidman, her on-screen sister in the Rabbit Hole, Tammy Blanchard was equally smitten by the actors charm. She said that the Eckhart was very supportive off-screen.

“He was very giving, and he asked Kidman if she needed anything or if she wanted anything when the camera wasn't running,” said Blanchard. "And that's when you can tell when someone is very supporting and not selfish.”

It’s not just them but everyone in Hollywood thinks he is a charmer and a perfect husband material. He is the heartthrob of millions of ladies. They think that Eckhart is the Mr. Right and would make a very loving spouse and a father.

But what does he think of all these?.

The actor cum stage performer is rather quiet about his personal affairs and relationships. He is very much reluctant to discuss his love life with the media. But that does not mean he hasn’t had any romantic flings with anybody. Eckhart was previously engaged to actress Emily Cline whom he met during filming of his move In the Company of Men. Their relation didn’t last long and they separated in 1998. Eckhart later dated country music songwriter Kristyn Osborn for year. They were so much in love that the actor even appeared in SHeDAISY’s music video for the song "I'm Taking the Wheel", where Osborn is a one of the band members. The couple split in 2007.

The talented actor has also been linked to other women like Ashley Wick and actress cum designer Molly Sims. Despite dating multiple beauties, The Dark Knight star has remained pretty tightlipped about his off-screen romances. And he has never married anyone and he does not have any girlfriend presently. At the height of a successful career, the actor is currently enjoying blissful life of singularity.

The 'I Frankenstein' fame actor is a cigar fanatic and a single day doesn’t go by without him smoking a cigar. The charismatic persona loves to talk about cigars more than women.

The actor is also very active on Twitter but he does not have an official Instagram account. So, if you are a fan of Eckhart, then you better start following him on Twitter.