Aaron Ashmore and his wife, Zoe, who got married in 2014 expecting a baby?

We all remember him as Iceman from the X-men Original Trilogy… oh wait! It was his twin brother. Born just a minute before his twin brother, Aaron Ashmore bears a striking and uncanny resemblance to him, confusing not only their co-workers and viewers but even their parents! His grandpa even put the same tattoo on their hand. May be his grandpa is just playing with us.

There are various online pages where both these brothers compete against each other for their achievement and life but honestly, we think both are equally as talented and as charming as another.

Like their appearance, both of these twin siblings have earned fame in this industry.

Talking about his relationship history, Aaron commenced dating Zoe Kate on 2009. After 5 years of commitment, they got married on June, 2014. Both Aaron and his wife are often seen in various occasions and look happy with their life.

It’s been almost two years since their marriage and it seems they are now expecting a child. Well, Aaron and Zoe are already nearing their forties and now may be a good time as ever to think about it.

He has shown keen interest in having a children in the house to complete their family. One and half years into their marriage and it seems that they are up for it. Anonymous sources have revealed that they might be expecting a child but we don’t know whether that source is credible or not. Prior to dating Zoe, there are no records of him dating any boy or a girl. He didn’t get married before or had any child outside of marriage. It seems he only found Zoe, who is worth his life.

Standing just a few centimeters above his brother, Aaron’s height measures at 1.83 and together with his looks, he is considered very handsome and attractive by ladies. His weight compliments his height and looks.

In his Television career Aaron is famous for his role of Nate in Lost Girl. His other appearance in TV shows includes Jimmy Oslen in SmallVille and Joseph Jaqobis in the currently airing Killjoys. Not only has he appeared in small screen, but in movies as well. Among the numerous appearance in the movies some of his most memorable roles are in the movies like The Shrine (2010), The Thaw (2009), etc. Aaron was nominated for the best actor for the latter.

Aaron is active on Twitter and Instagram and has thousands of followers who praise him for his remarkable performance and talent. He is equally grateful to his supporter. He often post pictures of himself while in free time or a work. According to him, his fans keeps him motivated.

Currently, as of late 2015, he enjoys net worth of $2 million.