A look into Stephan Jenkins' high profile ex-girlfriends and his dating life

HitBerryPublished on   07 Oct, 2015Updated on   07 Oct, 2015

Stephen Jenkins is a rock and roll star and the lead singer of the famous band “Third Eye Blind”. He is the brains behind the band and has written almost all of the bands popular songs.

Stephen also is known for dating some of Hollywood’s most beautiful women. His first high profile girlfriend was Winona Ryder, although the two dated only for a short period of time. They were known to be serious about their relationship, until things went south for them drastically.

Winona and Stephen had a pleasant experience as a couple and were open about their commitment toward each other. They were seen together at a number of locations, especially at dinners in fancy restaurants and spending quality time with each other. However, nothing substantial came of their relationship and it lasted for only a short duration.

Stephen’s next girlfriend was one of Hollywood’s leading female actresses, Charlize Theron. Stephen first met Theron in the summer of 98 and fell for her instantly. Charlize and Stephen were seen very frequent once they were officially a couple and Theron was also seen supporting her boyfriend at some of his sets and in the studio, preparing albums. They were also seen at a number of premiers and award ceremonies and were seen together at most functions.

Stephen was, at that moment, in a live in relation with Charlize and they even got a pit-bull together “Koby”. Stephen and Charlize however broke up after almost three years in a relationship in the summer of 2001.

The break up was a huge blow for Stephen, who was deeply hurt and had a tough time getting over her. Stephen’s next album, “Out of the Vein” explored the deep sentiments and emotions he experienced on a personal level as a result of the break up.

Stephen then dated Vanessa Carlton for over four years. His relationship with Carlton helped him a lot psychologically and helped him become a more independent individual. He has said he will always remain grateful to Vanessa for being there for him during tough times.

Stephen is widely recognized for his songs, which have inspired a generation and have made an him an established rock and roll star today. Most of the songs that have been performed by his band were written by Stephen himself. He is considered a living legend when it comes to songwriting. Some of Stephen’s best songs are “Semi-charmed life”, ”Jumper”, ”How is it going to be”, ”Losing a whole year” and “Deep inside of you”.

Stephen has, so far never been married. Although he has had difficulty getting over a few of his high profile break-ups, he has not had to get through the trouble of divorce so far. Stephen is an active social net worker and is known to regularly post fresh feeds online. He can be followed @stephanjenkins on Twitter. His net worth is an estimated $18 Million.