A Look into Rebecca Romijn's Dating Story: Who Has She Dated

Rebecca Romijn is a talented actress and a former model. She gained recognition by strutting her stuff on the prestigious runway of three Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows. Her captivating performances led her to portray the iconic character Mystique in the popular "X-Men" movie series. 

Beyond her impressive on-screen roles, Romijn has amassed a substantial net worth of $20 million. She shares her life with her loving husband, Jerry O'Connell, forming a dynamic and supportive partnership. Together, they make a remarkable couple in the world of entertainment.

Married Life Of Romijn

The married life of Rebecca Romijn and her husband Jerry O'Connell is a beautiful tale of love and togetherness. They officially became partners on July 14, 2007, in a charming ceremony held in Calabasas, California. Surrounded by the warmth of about 100 close family members and friends, the couple joyfully exchanged their heartfelt vows, marking the beginning of their lifelong journey together. 

RebeccaRebecca Romjin and her husband, Jerry O'Connell SOURCE: Rebecca Romjin Instagram @rebeccaromjin

Romijn and O'Connell's love story had taken a significant step earlier, on September 17, 2005, when he proposed to the actress. The romantic moment unfolded in the cozy ambiance of his parents' Manhattan apartment, where he popped the question, sealing their commitment with a resounding "yes." Their wedding day turned out to be a delightful surprise, as their intimate backyard ceremony transformed a casual barbecue into a day filled with love and celebration. It's a testament to the couple's unique and wonderful journey together.

How Did The Actress Meet Her Wife?

Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell's first encounter in 2004 at the Maxim Hot 100 party in vibrant Las Vegas is a story filled with intrigue and fate. Her husband has revealed that he was drawn to her from the moment they started conversing. Their words flowed effortlessly as they talked throughout the entire party, leading to an instant and profound connection. 

O'Connell emphasizes that the spark they felt was undeniable right from the start, emphasizing that they truly clicked on day one. The backdrop of the glitzy Las Vegas atmosphere could have easily led to mischief, but their bond remained genuine and focused on building a strong foundation. This chance meeting set the stage for a remarkable journey of love and togetherness, proving that destiny had a special plan for their lives. They started dating soon in August 2004.

Has Exchanged Vows More Than Once

Romijn and O'Connell have shared the joy of exchanging their vows not just once, but on multiple occasions, showcasing the deep and enduring love they hold for each other. One particularly memorable renewal took place in November 2011, a date and time brimming with symbolism. The couple chose the special moment of 11:11 and 11 seconds on the 11th day of the 11th month to reaffirm their commitment to each other. 

RebeccaRebecca Romjin and Jerry O'Connell in Mykonos, Greece SOURCE: Rebecca Romjin Instagram @rebeccaromjin

Adding an extra layer of significance, O'Connell and Romihn selected the intersection of 11th Street and 11th Avenue as the backdrop for this heartfelt ceremony. He reflects on this renewal, admitting that he didn't anticipate the overwhelming emotions that would accompany the event. He humorously shared that he might have been even more emotional than his wife during the heartfelt occasion as mentioned in an article from People.

Romjin's Friend Acted As A Cupid

Romjin's journey towards love took a serendipitous turn with the help of a friend who played Cupid. O'Connell revealed a charming anecdote on "The Talk," shedding light on the behind-the-scenes magic that brought them closer. It was the actress' friend who saw the potential between the two and decided to nudge fate in the right direction. 

In a candid moment, O'Connell shared how he received encouragement from Romijn's friend while the actress was out on a date with another man. With a mischievous glint in her eye, the friend urged him to take action, pushing him to ask for her number despite her ongoing date as she hated her date. 

Romjin herself recalled the humorous exchange, highlighting her friend's straightforward and unwavering determination. In the face of that unexpected encouragement, O'Connell seized the moment, leading to a connection that eventually blossomed into a beautiful love story. It's a heartwarming reminder of the role that friends and fate can play in bringing two people together, turning ordinary moments into the building blocks of lasting romance.

Has Twin Daughters With Her Husband

Romijn and O'Connell's love story expanded beautifully with the arrival of their twin daughters, Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip, born on December 28, 2008. The family shares a close bond, residing together in the warm embrace of Calabasas. A testament to their joy and togetherness can be seen in the lovely snapshots the actress shares on her Instagram, capturing cherished moments with her beloved daughters. 

RebeccaRebecca Romjin Kids, Dolly Rebecca Rose, and Charlie Tamara Tulip SOURCE: Rebecca Romjin Instagram @rebeccaromjin

Romjin's social media is adorned with heartwarming pictures that showcase the radiant smiles and special adventures they share. Her pride in her role as a mother shines through, as she openly expresses her happiness and love for being a dedicated and caring mom to these two adorable girls. The twins are also aware of the fact that their mom used to date, John Stamos.

A Bit About Romjin's Husband, Jerry O'Connell

O'Connell, the talented husband of Rebecca Romijn, is a well-known actor with an impressive list of roles under his belt. He gained early fame for his performance in the classic film "Stand by Me" and later showcased his versatility in movies like "Kangaroo Jack." Notably, he portrayed the character Quinn Mallory in the popular TV series "Sliders." 

Born in the vibrant city of New York, O'Connell's roots are firmly embedded in the bustling streets. He pursued his education at New York University, where he graduated in May 1995 with a degree in Film and Television. During his time at NYU, his interests extended beyond the silver screen – he also exhibited his skills as the saber captain of the varsity fencing team. His dedication and prowess on the fencing strip earned him recognition, as he achieved a ranking as high as #17 in the entire country as mentioned on his IMDb page.

O'Connell Isn't Romjin's First Husband

Before her marriage to O'Connell, Rebecca Romijn had a previous chapter in her love story. She was previously married to Josh Stamos, and their union lasted from September 19, 1998, until March 1, 2005. The romantic journey between them had a heartwarming beginning, as he proposed on a magical Christmas Eve in 1997. However, as life's twists and turns sometimes unfold, they eventually found themselves facing irreconcilable differences that led to their divorce. 

Reflecting on this challenging period, Romijn candidly expressed the emotional toll that a divorce can take. In a sincere moment shared on "The Talk," she revealed the depths of her feelings, describing the process as awful. She opened up about the heartache of parting ways after a decade-long relationship, admitting that divorce can feel like a personal failure. 

How Had Romjin Crossed Path With Her First Husband?

The story of how Romijn's path crossed with her first husband, Stamos is a delightful tale of chance and connection. It was in 1994 that their fates intertwined, at a glamorous Victoria's Secret fashion show. As she took to the stage, showcasing her modeling prowess, little did she know that her captivating presence would capture the attention of her future husband. 

Amid the glitz and glamour of the event, Romjin and Stamos's initial encounter took place backstage, where their eyes met and conversations flowed. It was a moment that set the stage for their journey together, story that began with the spark of a first meeting and ultimately led to a shared life's journey. 


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