A look into actress Devon Odessa's disastrous dating life. And is she coming back with a TV show?

October 6, 2015
First published on:October 6, 2015
by HitBerry

Devon Odessa, the blonde beauty from West Virginia, was one of the most popular actresses during the nineties.

She is known for having a number of relationships with different men. However, most of her relationships turned dysfunctional and ended on harsh terms. Her most talked about relationship was with her co-star Jeff East from the movie, Pumpkinhead.

Devon Odessa and Jeff began dating when they met on the sets of Pumpkinhead. They had a very quiet relationship in the beginning. But as they progressed, they began to get more and more flamboyant. They were seen attending many functions and award ceremonies together.

They were also seen going for a weekend getaway to Vegas every so often. Devon and Jeff, over the months of their relationship, moved in together and were planning on getting married. However, Devon was caught by her boyfriend having an affair with another actor and the relationship came to an immediate end.  

Devon was devastated from the sudden break in her relationship and sought a life of promiscuity over the next year or so to overcome her sorrow.  She even began substance abuse and had to be sent to rehabilitation center to overcome her struggle. Her friends and family have said those were some terrible times for Devon.

Devon, till date, hasn’t been in another serious relationship. However, sources close to her claim that she has a special someone in her life and they have been spending more time getting to know each other. Devon has successfully kept her affairs away from media and public over the years.

Devon, after hitting rock bottom in her life, got back focusing on her career and over the next few years was a part of over a dozen movies. Some of her movies turned out to be huge success at the box office, especially the movie “Uncle Buck”.

During the mod nineties she began focusing on television and was highly acclaimed for her roles in series such as “Angel Falls” and “My So- called Life”. This also featured Academy award winner Jared Leto and Golden Globe winner Claire Danes.

Devon’s last known appearance on screen was in the American thriller” Mad Cowgirl “. She was cast as one of the lead characters in the movie. However the movie turned out to be a huge failure in the box office and, at the same time, was butchered by the critics. Rebecca, after the outcome of the movie, decided to take a hiatus from acting and hasn’t been seen on screen since. However, there have been rumors that she has been linked to a few upcoming TV shows for the year 2016.

Devon is totally against social networking and most of her interactions are conducted through interviews on Television and via newspapers. She does not use Twitter or Instagram and is known to be outspoken about the flaws that come with social networking. Her net worth remains undisclosed by her agency due to contract restrictions.

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