A look into Abraham Benrubi's dating life and all his past girlfriend

September 27, 2015
First Published On: September 27, 2015
by HitBerry

Abraham Benrubi is not a person who would let stardom affect his life. His lifestyle revolves around the simplicity of nature and relationships. Even after being a major Television celebrity in the US, he has kept himself away from celebrity lifestyle and stardom. His friends have said he is one of the most humble people on the planet.

Leading a double life, first of a normal person and the second of a celebrity, hasn’t been easy for him. He has said “most people only want to connect with you because you are famous. They don’t see anything beyond it”. He has had a tough time finding people to date over the years.

He does not date celebrities and has been known to date only about three people so far. His first relationship of a serious note was with his high school sweet heart. He was seen together with her for almost ten years. In the early years of his fame, he and his girlfriend used to appear together on the premiers of his show and for award ceremonies.

However, his fairy tale high school love could not handle the attention she began to get being alongside him. Abraham, in an earlier interview to an unknown source, has said that she began “cheating on me with every celebrity she could lay her hands on, I just don’t understand why fame means so much to people”. He has said he was extremely disappointed with the turn of events and has not spoken any further in the subject.

According to him, his second serious relationship was his most memorable. This time the person involved was a makeup artist, whose job was to make him look good for the screen. He enjoyed his time with her and has said several times those early days of the relationship were one of the happiest of his life. He has said she was extremely funny, although he does not mention her name, even after repeated questioning. His advice to young people during this time was ”find someone funny, you will be happy and plus you will always laugh.”

Apart from his personal life, Abraham has had a very successful on screen career with him being part of over thirty movies and a number of television shows. Some of the most popular movies he was a part of are Miss Congeniality 2 and Bounty Killer.

Abraham has not married yet even after reaching the age of 45 and says he is still looking for the person who is going to be his wife. Although he has had several girlfriends, as told to the media by his close friends, he hasn’t publicly dated anyone. When rumors began to sprout about him being gay, he dispelled them by saying “Unfortunately I am into women “.

Abraham does not use much of social networking and seldom post feeds on his Twitter @AbrahamBenrubi. Abraham’s net worth remains undisclosed.