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A friend of Daisy Lewis bashes her ex Steve Coogan.

May 8, 2016
First published on:May 8, 2016
by HitBerry

The night did not end well for British actress Daisy Lewis and her boyfriend Steven Coogan. Last Thursday, they took their spat to the street. You know that your relation is far gone when your fan has to separate your lovers spat late night.

‘The worst part was he seemed so uncaring and cold towards Daisy. There was not a hint of kindness. He seemed more interested in himself’, stated one of the eye-witnesses.

According to one of Daisy’s friend, Steve Coogan was jealous and very unsupportive of Daisy. They were indeed never an ideal couple as they had the age gap of more than 20 years. Still, they are many couples who has outlasted the age barrier. Guess they didn’t!

He was trying and trying to have the last word. He did not like the fact she was working – even less that the show is such a big hit. It was as if he did not want someone who’s a professional in her own right as a girlfriend, that he’d rather have someone at his beck and call.’

As Daisy Lewis has been gaining popularity with the highly rated Downton Abbey, his male dominance complex could not take it.

Her friend added- “Daisy was the sweetest girlfriend you could imagine. ‘It all seemed to be going fine until she suddenly became more of a star. Steve could not bear the thought that he was not the main attraction all the time.”

"He started getting prissy if he was not the number one. He liked Page 3-type girls, and in the end Daisy did not feel he was going to respect a woman who wanted to have her own career, especially in the entertainment business."

With everything pointing south, I guess Steve should consider his attitude and that character of his. What do you think? Was it for the best that they got separated?