A complete analysis of movie actress Cynthia Watros', age 47, rumored plastic surgery

December 3, 2015
First Published On: December 3, 2015
by HitBerry

Many female ageing celebrities have been known to go under the knife to maintain a youthful look. Cynthia Watros is among those who have recently come under scrutiny for apparently going under the knife.

Comparing her earlier pictures to her recent pictures, her face has shown signs of certain enhancements. However, they do not completely cover her entire face, like it was rumored to be. Cynthia, who is already 47 years of age, needed the enhancements as she had begun to age terribly.

Cynthia, over the years, had begun to develop wrinkles on her face, especially in the corner of her eyes. And in her recent pictures, they seem to have just disappeared into thin air. Speculations suggest that Cynthia was caught with a frozen face, in order words, she could not move any of her facial muscles.

The reason behind Cynthia’s frozen face could only have been Botox filler injections as Botox is known to freeze faces, when taken for facial enhancements. Onlookers and fans have said they’ve noticed Cynthia’s face had taken an unnatural look.

One on-looker reported that “her face was too smooth for a natural one”. Sources close to her have also said that the over-smoothness of her face was the result of her taking excessive amounts of Botox injections.

Besides popular Botox enhancements, her recent pictures suggest that she definitely got cheek implants, as in her earlier pictures, her cheek had begun to sag downright and now they are just a little too upright.

Another place where Cynthia went under the knife are her eyes because her eyes were clearly seen drooping earlier and turning heavy set. But now, she has a perfect pair of them which, at times, looks as though she is well into her late twenties and not her actual age of 47.

Fans have come out harsh on her stating that her effort to look young has backfired on her and her plastic surgery has been poorly handled and has left her looking fake and plastic.

Cynthia is a popular actress known for her roles in popular shows like “Lost” and “Guiding Light”. Some of her notable appearances in movies are in “Mars”, “Park City” and “ Electrick Children”.

The highlight of her career came from the show Lost. In one incident, while filming the show in Hawaii, she was arrested for drunk driving with her co- star Michelle Rodriguez.

Cynthia is a married women and her husband, who also happens to be her college sweet heart, is Curtis Gilliland. The couples have a twin daughter from their marriage. The children were born in the year 2001.

Cynthia, in terms of social media, is not much into the whole social media phenomena. However, she holds a profile on Twitter and can be followed @watroswatros. On Instagram, she post frequent pictures of her day to day activity and can be followed under the username watros.watros.