A brief look into Zoe Ball and husband Norman Cook's tumultuous married life

September 13, 2015
First published on:September 13, 2015
by HitBerry

Zoe Ball has hit numerous rough patches in her seventeen years of marriage to husband Norman Cook. Norman, Zoe’s husband, is popularly known as Fatboy Slim. Fatboy Slim is by far the best and the most well known DJ to come out of England and is considered, by many to be the pioneer of Electro and Techno music in England.

Zoe’s first of a series of rough patches with Cook came after just two years of marriage. Zoe and Cook married on the year 1999 and the first reported incident surfaced in the year 2002. During that time, Zoe revealed that she had been having an affair with Cooks close friend and fellow DJ Dan Peppe. Cooks and Zoe separated that year for about five months and surprisingly reconciled later that year.

Zoe and Cook, whenever asked about their temporary slip up, have remained silent on the subject and asked the media not to interfere on that part of their lives. Cook and Zoe released a press statement to clear any further questions on the subject by jointly saying” We have come a long way from that incident and we don’t see ourselves going back there again”.

The second time the couples hit a rough patch was in the year 2008. This time, the culprit happened to be Norman. When Zoe and Norman were in Scotland for a concert that Norman was performing in, Zoe went through Norman’s phone and later confronted Norman about several texts from a female friend in New York. However, Norman and Zoe however came to an understanding regarding the matter and things were back to normal.

Ball and her husband have two kids from their long marriage – a son Woody and a daughter Nelly. They both have stated that they both love being parent and have quit drinking so that their children do not get influenced in the wrong manner. Zoe has ruled out hopes of having anymore kids saying she and Cook have been so blessed to have Woody and Nelly.

At the moment the couples are smooth sailing their relationship to new horizons and have been seen together for various events. Recently Zoe and Cook brought their son Woody along to a Simon Pegg movie premier in London. Zoe and Cook confessed to reports that they had planned to name their son Woody long before he was born.

 Apart from being on the media’s radar for her rebellious character, she is also known for being a prominent television and radio presenter in England. She currently works for BBC and has a number of radio shows that she hosts in and around the UK. Zoe is a tall woman and her height is 5ft10 Inches.

Zoe is a popular figure among the British youth and has over 220K followers on Twitter alone and can be followed under the username @ZoeTheBall.


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