5 Interesting Facts about British Singer, Ed Sheeran, Know all,

One of the world’s favorite singer and songwriter, Ed Sheeran known for being a drama free celebrity. Do you follow Ed Sheeran and are you afraid that you've missed any of the facts? Here are things which you probably don't know about Ed Sheeran.


Ed Sheeran is a British singer known for many singles like- Shape of You and Perfect. So, without any delay let’s see some of the facts which most of his fans don’t know. As we bring you some of the five facts about your favorite singer, Ed Sheeran.

Five facts you need to know about Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran was born on 17 February 1991 in Halifax. Sheeran is not the only child of his parents, he has an older brother, Matthew- an accomplished composer and musician. When Sheeran was 4 years old, he sang in local church and learned to play the guitar at a very young age. When he was at Thomas Mills High School, he began writing songs. In the year 2004, he began recording music and released his first collection of work Spinning Man independently.

Ed Sheeran- Loves cats

Well, this is less and less of a secret that ED is a cat lover that you should aspire to be. His one of the hits Drunk has featured a cat co-star but when he dropped his video- Perfect, he adopted a stray kitten and made that kitten look even more angelic just by holding her.

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Ed Sheeran- Has over 100 Tattoos

Without any doubt, we can say, Ed Sheeran loves his tattoo as there are more than 1 hundred unique tattoos on his body. He has a big tattoo of a lion, another tattoo of a koala. In another tattoo, he has puzzle piece which is for a friend who has a corresponding piece tattooed him.

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Ed also got a tattoo to remember his tour with Snow Patrol, which is a snowflake. He got a tattoo of a Teddy Bear because of his childhood nickname. His childhood nickname was Teddy because it rhymes with Eddy. John Mayer gave him a tattoo- Kool Guy.

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Ed Sheeran- Got engaged with Cherry Seaborn

Ed got engaged with his high school sweetheart, Cherry Seaborn and shared the announcement via Twitter. After finishing their education, Cherry moved to North Carolina to attend Duke University but dealing problems with a long-distance relationship with Ed, she moved back to the UK just to be with him.

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Both Ed and Cherry were successful to keep their relationship under the limelight. In 2016, they were pictured kissing and the rumors started taking the surface about their relationship and they are engaged and we are sure that they will soon tie-the-knot. Let’s just wait.

Ed Sheeran- Didn’t attend the 2018 Grammys

ED might be one of the big winners at the Grammy Awards 2018 but he didn’t attend the Grammy Award. After the topper’s name was announced to collect the prestigious award, announcers were forced to make Ed’s excuses and the winner’s speech was not provided. As their fans were very much surprised at Ed, who recently got engaged with Cherry.

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Ed Sheeran- Best Friend

Ed Sheeran’s best friend is Taylor Swift as they make music together and really are close friends. Sheeran has not only written music with Taylor Swift but also with her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles and with rest of the One Direction boys too.