9 Benefits of Tea

April 27, 2017
First published on:April 18, 2017
by HitBerry

Tea is a kind of beverage generally served anywhere, anytime, for any occasion; and is believed one of the products consumed in every part of the world next to water. There are many types of teas and they are prepared from different procedures. Some of the types are Green Tea, Black Tea, White Tea and much more. Here, we talk about some of the major Tea benefits.

Low in Caffeine

Tea has almost 3 times lesser Caffeine than Coffee. It contains around 30 to 40 mg per cup. When you consume more caffeine, it may give you the jitters, indigestion, headaches, difficulty with sleep, etc. Somehow, Tea is a beverage that contains caffeine, but in a right quantity which helps you in many different ways.

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Reduces the chances of heart disasters

Cholesterol and Blood Platelets form unwanted blood clots, this is the major reason why people have heart attacks and strokes. But drinking Tea helps you maintain smooth and clog-free arteries. It is not considered as a cure for heart diseases but a remedy to lessen the chance to cause heart disasters.

Healthy bones

Tea contains many phytochemicals that are beneficial for our body. Researchers found out that people who consumed Tea for more than 10 years have stronger bones than people who didn’t. It is not because of milk added to Tea that builds strong bones but it is because of different chemicals that Tea contains.

Boosts your immune system

Drinking Tea helps people to build strong immunity power. Research proves that people who drank around 5 cups of Tea each day have greater immunity power than people who preferred to not drink it. It causes higher immune system activity in the blood.

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Reduce the chance of Cancer

The presence of Polyphenols and Antioxidants in the Tea make a super Cancer-fighting element. Just like all the other chemicals in the Tea, these are also the most important factors that Tea contains. However, for everyone’s information, it’s not a cure but prevention.

Answer to Dehydration

As it is one of the beverages next to water, it sure doesn’t clear up the thirst like water, but inside, it keeps you off Dehydration. It contains Caffeine in a moderate level which helps us to pee more and which is the reason why we can keep ourselves hydrated.

Calorie Free

Tea is calorie free when you don’t add any sweet ingredient or milk in the tea. When one consumes a beverage that contains less calorie, it will be beneficial for the body in many ways. So, if you are in search for a beverage that is calorie-less, Black Tea is the best choice one can get.


The best way to set out an example for an antioxidant is room paint. Just like you need a good paint job to make your room fresh and fine, antioxidants play the same role in your body. It protects your body from ravages and other problems. And tea contains antioxidants in a moderate level that help your body to maintain stability from head to toe.

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Remedy to hair fall

The caffeine in Tea aids to lessen the hormone named Dihydrotestosterone. It is usually formed on the scalp and is the main cause of hair loss. Tea also helps in condensing and growth of hair. Tea is considered as one of the brews that can be the remedy to your hair fall.

So, if you are in search of beverage that is beneficial for your body, adding Tea to your daily routine might fix things for you. It takes care of your body and you can drink it wherever and whenever you want.