7 Remarkable Features to Expect in Future Smartphone

April 19, 2017
First Published On: April 19, 2016

What tech gadget is your favourite? – A phone would be the standard answer. Phones surely did change our lives as it plays as key to connecting you to the world. The launch of smartphone changed the way of using phone entirely. For those who used a phone to receive and end call now began to share more, capture moments and get connected to the world.

The smartphone world is now evolving, not in a sense of more models but features. The smartphone we are carrying now can do more than a million tasks with few taps, but there exist some concepts that would surely blow your mind. What have we seen till now? – Gadgets for millionaires, Gadgets failed to evolve; worst devices, and even more.

The phones that we see today have more features like good camera, support for utility apps, connectivity and even more. But have you seen more of the expanded features like flexible screens and inbuilt projectors? Must have heard of them! If not, you just visited the right place.

Artificial Intelligence

How would the world be if everyone gets the phone with AI? Surely it would be interesting. The Siri by Apple and Cortana by Windows run on the concept of AI for phones.

AI in phone

The Siri and Cortana were good, but they are not good enough for future use. Both systems can learn from the user but are not the greatest tweak to know. Both systems assist according to the user’s command but do not understand what user is trying to say.

The actual AI should be able to understand the user, must be able to judge what is wrong and what is right; must be able to give advice and more. The AI would be truly beautiful if the concept of Jarvis to be regulated with the phone.

Smartphone Projector

AI is not just a thing to expect in future phones; you can expect something more like projector inbuilt. This type of phone is not a new concept; Samsung launched Galaxy Beam in 2010. The phone was able to project through WVGA projector inbuilt. This phone was able to beam out photos and videos. Not just Samsung, bunch of other Chinese and Indian smartphone companies like Vox, Intex and Spice came up with the same idea.

Phone projector

Having projector in phone surely comes in handy, but your phone battery drains out fast. Not just that, the problems with the design could appear. Slim phones could look bulky because of that. The phones to be built in future, such problems might not arise. The use of latest technologies could be done to minimise the size of the device; the battery power would be enlarged to fit for the purpose.

Flexible Screen Phones

Have you see the pocket-fit phones lately? Surely not as the trend of big size screen phone is still running. Instead of using pocket-fit phones, people are going for 5 to 6-inches phones or even phablet. In such trend, the best way to fit the phone with you would be by folding it – sounds quite awesome!

Flexible screen phone

The phones in future would be with the flexible screen; you could fold it or curve it, or even use it as a band in your hand. This technology has been launched already as a curved display, and of course smart watch. When both concepts are combined, a bendable screen could be made.

3D and Holographic Screen

The screen resolution and quality already reached the peak, like AMOLED display, Apple’s Retina Display and other. But, 3D display is still to come. The smartphone companies like Motorola and LG already made its leap forward.

Holographic phone

The next dimension would be then the holographic screen. Holographic display is the combination of 3D screen and projector smartphone. The latest Hololens by Windows is also one step forward for such display. You will be able to feel the objects than just seeing it.

Solar Battery

The more features you expect on phones, the more battery backup you need. The phone with limited battery life couldn’t possibly handle all the features. The battery of bar phones used to last for three to four days, but the phones we see now lasts sheer hours.

Solar Battery

It does not suit you if you have to carry charging assistant or power banks on the go. The most efficient way is by using the immense strength of the sun. The solar panels around the phone would help to charge your phone. But surely the solar power couldn’t be used in the night; just reserve it!

What would you do to the USB charging cable then? Only keep it in the showcase!

High-End Gaming

What would you do with your high-performance phone? Watch HD movies, or render animation? Most of the people, they don’t do any of them. What they do, is gaming!

High End Gaming phone

The phones in future don’t only include high processing capacity, but also the better RAM management, better storage and VR capability. But all these are not the future anymore. The high-end gaming concept includes the way of playing too. The use of a joystick and another emulator in phone surely sounds good enough.

Imagine using Joystick for any games you play, along with additional add-in for cartridge and memory. Who would be buying extra PSP, PS3 or more?

360 Video Recording and Video Playback

How about the future camera and video playback? You are getting more than 20 mega pixel cameras today, what would be in future? Let’s say about 50 MP camera, or more.

What we can expect for the future is 360 video playbacks, as 360 Video recording is a present concept. What more? Shoot video in 360 degrees and play it through your phone. No need of extra add-in for playback too.