51 Years American Actor Chris Parnell is Popular For His Movies and TV Shows; His Career Achievement and Net Worth

An American actor, voice artist, comedian, and singer, Chris Parnell is known for his role as Dr. Leo Spaceman on NBC's comedy series, 30 Rock. From his multiple profession, Parnell has earned a decent amount of money and has accumulated the net worth of $3 million.


Starting his acting career since 1996, Parnell has maintained a lavish and standard lifestyle. He has collected numerous fans and his fans are eager to know more about his, career achievements, earnings, net worth, salary, house, cars, and lifestyle. If you are one of them, then scroll down and read the whole article. 

Chris Parnell Net worth and Earnings

Making his acting debut through the movie Jingle All the Way as Toy Store Sales Clerk, Chris Parnell has appeared in numerous movies and television series to date. Moreover, Parnell further contributions in comedy and singing field. From his multiple profession, he has earned a good sum of money and currently, Parnell's net worth is $3 million

Most of Parnell starring movies have successfully earned good amount of money in Box Office. His 2003 movie Down with Love earned a total of $39.5 million in Bod Office. Likewise, his next movie National Lampoon's Barely Legal earned $83,439 and Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy earned $90.6 million. 

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Furthermore, Parnell appeared in 2009 movie Paper Man which earned $13,514 in Box office. Similarly, his other movies 21 Jump Street earned $201.5 million, The Five-Year Engagement earned $53.9 million and The Dictator earned $179.4 million.

Moreover, Parnell has further appeared in movie Turbo which earned a total of $282.6 million. His 2014 movie BreakPoint earned 133.7 million. In the same way, his movies Hotel Transylvania 2, Sisters and Battle of the Sexes earned $473.2 million, $105 million and $17.8 million respectively.

Chris Parnell House

The 51 years old multi-professional Parnell currently resides in Silver Lake Area of Los Angeles. Parnell bought the house on March 15, 2013, for $1,700,000. It is a 1920’s Spanish Revival home which has got a modern day makeover. 

CAPTION: Chris Parnell's house SOURCE: Trulia

It features 3-bedroom and 2-bathroom situated in the area of 2,482 square foot. Furthermore, it also features graphic eye controls, wood, and limestone floors as well as kitchen and bathroom fixtures from Waterworks. 

Moreover, Parnell also has a house in Silver Lake Blvd. He purchased the house November 20, 2007, for $620,000. The house features 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms situated in the area of 1,360 square-foot. 

Top 10 Facts of Chris Parnell

1. Chris Parnell was born on 5th February 1967, in  Memphis, Tennessee, United States.
2. He is the son of Jack Parnell.
3. Chris Parnell attended the Germantown High School, The Groundlings and University of North Carolina School of the Arts
4. He was rejected by the Alley Theatre in Houston, Texas on his first audition. 
5. Chris Parnell returned to his hometown and taught high school for a year.
6. In 1992, Chris Parnell moved to  Los Angeles and auditioned for the Groundlings.
7. He made his acting debut in 1996. 
8. Chris Parnell was also a cast of Saturday Night Live as a featured player.
9. He is 5 feet 8 inch tall.
10. Chris Parnell is married secretly.