5 Villains Who Can Replace Thanos in MCU and 5 Who Can't

HitBerry TeamPublished on   01 Nov, 2018Updated on   03 Dec, 2018

It took ten years for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it finally got the villain it deserved, a match for not only the earth but the universe’s mightiest heroes. The mad titan first made his appearance in the very first Avengers movie, and the world knew then and there that an apocalypse is near. When he finally showed up in 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War, he created chaos all across the cosmos.


Compared to other super-villains who just want to watch the world burn, Thanos has a motive behind all this destruction. To create a better world! But wiping down half the universe’s population is unacceptable, no matter how noble the reason behind it is.


With all six infinity stones in his possession, it seems like no one can ever defeat Thanos. He even put half the superheroes to rest. However, all evil must come to an end sometime. With the end of the fourth Avengers movie, Marvel will have to find a new foe for the Avengers, but the slot will not be easy to fill. Thanos has set the bar pretty high.

So, today we present you five supervillains who can replace Thanos and five who can’t.

Doctor Doom

CAPTION: Reed Richards and Fantastic Four enemy Doctor Doom SOURCE:

He is a great supervillain in the comics. Doctor Doom is a fantastic four enemy. He may have a suit of armor and magical abilities, but he is not a strong enough foe for the MCU heroes.


The Beyonder

CAPTION: The Beyonder, Dr. Strange, Mr. Fantastic & Professor X SOURCE:

The Beyonder possess god-like bender abilities. He can manipulate reality. He also has psionic abilities that allow him to scan the minds of the entire universe, neutralize psychic probes from telepaths, erase memories of the universe about himself and many more abilities. He possesses superhuman powers, can will his body to repair itself, can teleport, fly, teleport others and choose physical resistances. He has limitless strength and no weakness.

The Beyonder would be a worthy Thanos replacement. In some way, he has Thanos’ characteristics.


Dark Phoenix

CAPTION: Dark Phoenix is an alias of X-Men superhero Jean Grey-Summers SOURCE:

Dark Phoenix certifies the big bad villain, but it’s highly unlikely that she replaces Thanos. She is currently the antagonist of the 2019 X-Men: Dark Phoenix. She will have been defeated, most probably, by the X-men and won’t pose any threat for the MCU heroes.



CAPTION: Galactus is a cosmic entity. The character was created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee and first appeared in Fantastic Four #48 SOURCE:

Galactus is the most feared entity in the Cosmos. He is referred to as the “Devourer of Worlds.” He has omnipotent powers and has imbued a number of entities with his cosmic power. He sustains himself with the energy from the earth’s core and other universal sources.


He makes a good candidate for the MCU’s next villain. The comics have set a precedent for this with Galactus being confronted by Doctor Strange and The Avengers. The MCU heroes would not allow the Devourer of Worlds to destroy the world, would they? But, he can try.


Prince Namor

CAPTION: Namor is the Prince of Atlantis and a warrior of his people SOURCE:

Namor may be a gifted warrior and military leader, but he is not as powerful as Thanos. He cannot also withstand the threat posed by the MCU heroes when working together.



CAPTION: Apocalypse (En Sabah Nur) as portrayed by Oscar Isaac in 2016 movie, X-Men: Apocalypse SOURCE:

Apocalypse is the first mutant. He is a monstrous tyrant who has been a long time X-men enemy.  He believes that only the strongest should survive.

His powers have increased over centuries. He can control molecular structure, is immortal, possesses superhuman strength, superhuman durability superhuman speed, and can teleport himself and others.


Helmut Zemo

CAPTION: Helmut Zemo is the second Baron Zemo, son of Heinrich Zemo SOURCE:

He is Captain America’s antagonist in Captain America: Civil War. He is not a good match for the Avengers. Helmut Zemo is an evil mastermind and did successfully cause a rift between the Avengers, but there is a limit to his capabilities on his own. He is a good soldier but pitted against the Hulk or Thor he stands no chance.



CAPTION: Onslaught was created from the consciousness of Professor X and Magneto SOURCE:

Onslaught was created from the consciousness of Professor Charles Xavier and Magneto, two very powerful mutants. He possesses all the powers of this two plus those of Franklin Richards and Nate Grey.


This psychic offspring would make a great villain. In fact, in the comics, his powers were too great for the X-Men, the Avengers and the Fantastic Four.


Ronan the Accuser

CAPTION: Ronan the Accuser is of alien race, Kree, and the Supreme Accuser of Kree Empire SOURCE:

He is ambitious especially when supercharged with a cosmic power source, but the likelihood of him fighting the entire MCU is hard to imagine.

Ronan the Accuser lost in Guardians of the Galaxy, and this almost rules out any further appearances. There is always a way to come back through an infinity stone, but we do not see him as a good Thanos replacement.



CAPTION: Fun Fact: Benedict Cumberbatch portrayed through motion capture and voiced Dormammu in 2016 movie, Doctor Strange SOURCE:

Dormammu is the Cosmic Conqueror and destroyer of worlds. He has infinite power and is on a quest to invade all universes and bring them to his Dark Dimension. He is as much a threat as Thanos is.


He is a Doctor Strange villain and has faced off with the Avengers on several occasions. He may decide to follow Doctor Strange to the MCU.


Dormammu operates in the shadows, manipulates lesser beings and has mystical powers that are much greater than Thanos’. If he decided to unleash his might on MCU, then all MCU heroes would be needed.


Dormammu’s power outmatches the Avengers and would dismantle them if he utilizes artifacts like Thanos is doing with the Infinity Stones.