Is 48 Years Bruce Parry single? Know about his affairs and relationship

July 27, 2017
First Published On: July 27, 2017
by HitBerry

Some celebrities are so stuck with their profession that they don't give much to their personal life. With their hectic life, they often stay out of the lights of media.

Likewise, Bruce Parry is one of the few celebrities who is famous on the screen but doesn't make lots of news with his personal life. So in his low profiled life, who is he dating? If not, who is he married to?

Bruce Parry dates in 2017

An award winning documentarian, Bruce  Parry is famous for his documentary series for the BBC. With the series like Tribe, Amazon, and Arctic, Bruce often explores in the extremes environments with remote indigenous people in his show.

Traveling around the world and documenting is one part of Parry's life but in another hand, he got his personal life. The 48-year-old Parry hardly lets any pieces of information about his personal life to the media.

Bruce Parry, source: I daily

If you are looking at the dating history of Bruce, there aren't much of records on it. Noone of the name pops about when it comes to Bruce's dates.

Bruce Perry dressing as one of the tribes, source: key assets

Likewise, his past, Bruce is on his single life. If we take a quick look at the Instagram of Bruce than there are just a few posts. Among them,  you can see him sharing pictures from his documents and vacations.

Parry rarely hints about his love affairs in his post as there are no any pictures of him with another woman.

So what might be the reason behind he still running strong with his single life? Well, being single doesn't mean that you know nothing about love. Sometimes being solo is wiser than being in a false relationship. Maybe he is looking for the right partner?

Bruce Parry reveals a reason for being single

The ex-marine had lots of ups and downs in his life. From the troubled love life to the journey to be one of the reputed intrepid TV anthropologists, Bruce life never took a smooth road.

Bruce Parry with BAFTA Television Awards 2009, source: 3 pictures

You might be wondering, he doesn't have a love life in his past. Well, you guessed it wrong. In an interview when asked about his book Tribe, Parry revealed some of the facts that you never knew.

Bruce Parry (right) with Inuit hunter Mads Ole Kristiensen on BBC, source: telegraph

Bruce had an ex-girlfriend Madeleine who had cancer when she was in a relationship with Parry. When asked about not tracking the right woman for him, he took out the reason of  his job and his ex-girlfriend for that saying:

She was everything to me, But while she was recovering from cancer she became completely holistic. She couldn't go near Wi-Fi or mobile phones and I wanted to go out and socialize."

He further added:

"But my job doesn't allow me much of a private life"

" Tribe" Documentary of Bruce Parry, source: movies Q

In an interview, in 2010, Bruce said that he completely gave up sex and drink, but not the TV, which pretty much proves that how much is he dedicated to his profession and keeps himself busy.