46 years dancer Kelly Hyland living happily with her husband Randy Hyland and children

June 8, 2017
First Published On: June 8, 2017

Every day rumors and gossips break down of celebrities having a love affair and breaking up the relationship due to their cheating partners. After the news breakout, we all get eager to know the truth and try to get to the root of it. But opposite case can be seen on Kelly Hyland who is married for a decade and still no rumors of divorce and fights have ever gone out in media. Here, know if Kelly Hyland's husband supports her and their children.

Kelly Hyland's husband Randy Hyland, living happily

46-year-old star of Dance Mom, Kelly Hyland,  she married Randy Hyland and is a mother of 3 children, Josh Hyland, Paige Hyland and Brooke Hyland.

Kelly Hyland, Source: pbs.twing

If you want to find more information about her husband profession and age, it will be hard to find as there are just a handful information about Hyland family. However, we have dug into their past for relevant information.

Kelly herself is a dancer. At the age of two, she danced at Maryen Lorrain Miller's dance studio, and later at the age of eight, she became one of the dancers of Abby Lee Miller's original ALDC dancers.

Randy Hyland and Kelly Hyland, Source: img4

Kelly and her daughters in Dance Moms

Kelly brought in lots of controversies on the set of an American reality TV series Dance Moms. During Kelly's participation, she accused Abby of not spending much of her time with her daughter. Kelly also complained about Abby for not pushing other contestants and giving more opportunities to another competitor Maddie

Kelly Hyland with her daughter Paige and Brooke, Source: cdn1

The heat leveled up after Kelly filed a lawsuit of $5 million against Abby for physically intimidating her. Kelly didn't stop her as she accused Dance Mom producer and director of abusing children in their show.

After this incident, they never got back in the reality show.

Kelly loves and supports her children

She supported Brooke Hyland's decision to be a cheerleader while the competition was still running. Rather than getting Brooke on the competition, she respected Brooke's decision and thought it'd be best for her.

Kelly Hyland with her daughter Paige and Brooke, Source: star casm.net

If you surf the internet, you will hardly find any information about the family. Despite being in the reality show, they keep their personal matters away from media. As far we know, they are happier than ever.