4 Super Tips That Help You Prepare for Microsoft 70-411 Exam

HitBerry TeamPublished on   02 Mar, 2019Updated on   02 Mar, 2019

Passing the Microsoft 70-411 certification exam leads you in the right direction towards earning the MCSA, the MCP, and the MCSE credentials. The IT professionals who have been successful at this certification test apply a certain set of techniques. The basic idea is that you should not start harder but smarter. The smart candidates know about the basics of time creation and effective use of resources. As you look forward to passing this exam, it is important to understand that it is the second test of three, which evaluates your knowledge regarding the administration of Windows Server 2012. When you pass the test, you prove that you can administer Windows Server 2012, including data security, network access, and user management. When the students pass Microsoft MCSA 70-411 VCE Dumps in combination with the other two exams, they show that they are capable of provisioning, managing, implementing, and managing services in Window Server 2012.

Here are 4 Tips for Microsoft 70-411 Exam Preparation.

Enroll into a course

There are the experts who have been in the industry long before you thought of joining it. There are others who joined late but were brilliant enough and quickly rose up ranks. These experts are interested in helping become smarter as well, in exchange for a small fee of course. They create detailed courses that are tailored specifically towards the skills tested by the Microsoft 70-411 exam. Find a good course and register for training before you can take your certification test. 

One such course is the Firebrand 9-day course, which takes you through all the three exams in the series. You may choose to concentrate specifically on the Microsoft 70-411 materials. Microsoft also has its own instructor-led training, which is designed to be completed in five days. If you normally have a busy schedule, you may consider requesting for a full week off to concentrate on the study. Explain to your boss the reason for the off. They will actually be impressed that you are willing to become better. Do not be surprised when you are considered for a pay rise after completion of the course without even asking for it.

Consider the Microsoft Virtual Academy

You cannot afford to ignore the Microsoft Virtual Academy throughout the preparation for this important exam. In the academy, you are able to watch expert-designed video tutorials covering all that needs to be understood. The candidates are taken through an in-depth analysis of key Microsoft technologies.

Considering that theMVA is powered by the provider of the certification exam – Microsoft, you will be obtained the training directly from the right avenue. Therefore, make this your main point of reference as you go about studying. A Microsoft Certified Trainer takes charge of each session, delivering on main areas of the test. With such an approach, it seems almost incomprehensible that you will not earn the certification.

Join a study group

You may be able to walk faster on your own, but you cannot go further without the support of your colleagues or fellow candidates. That is why you are strongly encouraged to determine a study group and join it. They give you an opportunity to receive help from others. With a study group, you are connected to exact people who are in the same situation as you – preparing for the Microsoft 70-411 certification exam. In these groups, you get to share what you have learned so far and ideas to solve several challenges faced. For any person waiting to take a certification exam, collaboration is the cornerstone of success. Whereas studying on your own may make you feel lonely, a study group assures you that there are many others like you, providing the needed motivation to earn a certification.

In line with a study is the idea of a forum. These are platforms where people from all walks of life interact. Determine a forum which is tailored towards the Microsoft certifications and create an account. While on the forum, you can ask any question, either specific to Microsoft 70-411 or a general question that has to do with other aspects of the credentials. You may be having a challenge registering for the exam, this is the place to as the question. More often than not, you will find the past students on the forum. These are a resource worth exploiting. They hold immense experience of the certification and would willingly share with you. A good example of a forum you may want to try is TechNet.

Practice, practice, practice

Do not just be a theory-based student. That may get you some marks but it will not earn you the certification. A bigger percentage of the exam tests on your practical skills. It is all about what you can do and not what you say you can do. There is a practice lab that you can use to do that. 

MeasureUp has one such lab which costs approximately $130. Upon completion of the lab, it would imply that you have mastered the skills that the 70-411 certification exam measures. Materials prepared to greater details are available and these can be studied at a pace that’s suitable for you. This is an invaluable resource for learning in a practical manner. When you have done a practical lab, it could give you some confidence to handle the physical Windows Server 2012. 


With these simple tips, you should be able to pass the Microsoft 70-411 exam. Follow them keenly for excellence.