30 Rock star Jack McBrayer is neither gay nor does he have a girlfriend. Why? Because he is Asexual!!!

HitBerryPublished on   31 Aug, 2015Updated on   06 May, 2021

Jack Mcbrayer, who plays the hilarious character of Kenneth Parcel in the hit TV show  30 Rock is not gay nor does he have a girlfriend. Why? Because he is asexual!! Mcbrayer, according to the media, has never been in a relationship. If he had one or currently has one it has been kept exceptionally secret.


Jack has been termed asexual primarily as he factually has on no account revealed any form of interest in either men or women. He has yet to be linked to any rumor surrounding him with a person in terms of love interest. Jack lives by himself in Los Angeles, California. Even his co-stars have failed to get anything out of him regarding his dating life or relationship goals.

Jack McBrayer Career 

McBrayer began his career from humble beginnings. He left home at the age of fifteen to pursue his dream in the theater. He is one of the very few actors in the industry who hasn’t studied acting. Instead, Mcbrayer studied Theatre administration and worked at popular theaters such as The Second City and IO theatre.

While working at The Second City theatre, he linked up with Tina Fey who coached him seeing the potential and astounding talent he possessed for acting.She began nurturing him for his role in her TV show 30Rock. Jack was cast in 30 rocks as a supporting character for only the first two episodes.

Noticing how good a character Jack turned out to be in just two episodes, he has cast again as a breakthrough character by the producers. As an Unschooled actor Jack, for his character as Kenneth Parcel, received one Primetime Emmy Award and Seven Screen Actors Guild Award Nominations and one win.

Jack McBrayer Major Work

Jack made major contributions to the show 30 Rock through his character Kenneth Parcel and was considered to be an important character in the Hit sitcom. Apart from 30 Rock, Jack has been included in over 80 sketches on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. Mcbrayer also had a recurring role in the critically acclaimed comedy sitcom Arrested Development.

Jack has lent his voice for the animated hit movie Wreck –it Ralph. He was very proud of his involvement in the Disney franchise movie. As a kid, Mcbrayer loved the Disney Movies. After 30 Rock the actor was cast aside Triumph the dog in a show called The Jack and The Triumph Show. In an interview for E! Online Jack and Triumph spoke about the show as being a relationship between a Muppet dog and Jack.

Following his sought to fame, Jack has recently been featuring in commercials. His most prominent commercial is alongside L.A. Clippers star Blake Griffin in a Kia Commercial. He featured in a Barnes & Nobel commercial in 2013.

Jack has just turned 42 years in age, even though he looks nothing like it. He is famous for his evergreen physical appearance. Jack isn’t active on social networking platforms and hardly uses Twitter. It is difficult to find Jacks profile on Instagram.