Is 28 Years Katie Findlay dating or single or Married?

August 9, 2017
First published on:August 9, 2017
by HitBerry

Katie Findlay is a Canadian actress; you might know her for American drama television series "The Killing" in the role of Rosie Larsen. She also appeared as Rebecca Sutter in the first season of "How to Get Away with Murder".

Everyone might be familiar with Findlay's professional life but how many of you are familiar with her personal life? Today, let's discuss Katie Findlay dating life and more about her private life. Read more:

Is 28 years Katie Findlay dating or single or married?

Katie Findlay is one of the most secretive celebrities who rarely shares her private details and barely shows off her stuff. Besides being popular for Maggie Landers in Carrie Diaries, she is also known for being too secretive.

Katie Findlay Katie Findlay   Source: wikifeet

If you have watched "Carrie Diaries" then you might know about Maggie Landers (Katie) being a sexually active ex- girlfriend of Walt Reynolds (Brendan Dooling). Later they broke up when Maggie was found cheating over Walt with another young officer.

Back to real life, there were several rumors of Findlay dating her co-star Brendan Dooling. Even though their on-screen romance ended, they are rumored to keep it alive in real life, off-screen. According to sources, they are rumored to be dating since 2013.

While checking Findlay and Dooling's Twitter, there are several tweets that make everyone curious and excited to know about their exact relationship status. Were they talking about the show or just giving hints about their relationship? Have a look at some of those tweets right below:

While going through Dooling's Instagram, we found a picture of the rumored couple at the beach. Dooling mentioned her as "my lady". What does that mean? Is it a hint or something other?

Source: Instagram

As both Findlay and Dooling did not speak a single word regarding this topic, it's hard for us to find out the exact relationship status. If they are not dating, they might be good friends.

Till the date, there are no any headlines of Findlay's marriage ever published in the media. So, it looks like she is not married and we just can't claim her as a married woman.