26 Years Zach Rance dating Frankie Grande, Know their affairs and relationship

HitBerryPublished on   31 May, 2017Updated on   03 Jul, 2018

Zach Rance is an American reality star, famous for his appearance in the 16th Season of the American reality series Big Brother. Though the 26-year American talent didn't win, he developed a special relation with another member of the show, Frankie Grande. Scroll down to know 'Zach Rance dating' story.

Is Zach Rance dating Frankie Grande? Or is it only a rumor?

People loved them as a couple, even named them 'Zankie'. Shortly after Frankie came out of the house, 'The People' interviewed him. He revealed that he fell in love with Zach during the show. He furthermore added, there was a definite love between the two.

American reality star Zach Rance American reality star Zach Rance, Source: soundbytemgmt.com

Source: Twitter

Well, they don't really date each other but surely shared a lot of romantic times on their social accounts. Zach usually kept this subject matter hidden, but it's not the same with Frankie, he says he is in love with Zach.

How was their relation inside the house?

After a short period of time, they developed a special relation with one another and it was quite visible everywhere. Zach and Frankie's relation, along with two other participants, Cody Cala Flores and Caleb Reynolds helped the 'Big Brother 16' the most gay-friendly season in the US history of the reality show.

Zach Rance and Frankie Grande from Big Brother Zach Rance and Frankie Grande from Big Brother, Source: pinterest.com

They also had some special and romantic moments with each other. Once in the kitchen, Frankie Kissed Zach on his cheek which first hinted the viewers if they were homoerotic. You need to see their photos from inside the house.

Zach Rance and Frankie Grande "Zankie" Zach Rance and Frankie Grande "Zankie", Source: bustle.com

Once, in the house, Frankie suddenly jumped over Zach and started to rub him. Frankie also started to make out with Zach's neck. It seemed Frankie wanted a physical relation with Zach but the rule didn't let them cross their limit. Afterward, the show organizer asked a question regarding that situation via Twitter.


How ridiculous or entertaining they seemed inside the house, they act normal now and pretend as if it never happened. The first thing their fans wanted to know about them was whether they were close outside the house or not. For now, they are not dating each other.