Do you know mysterious things hidden underwater? Find out 20 Amazing Things Discovered Under Water

HitBerryPublished on   08 Feb, 2017Updated on   13 May, 2021

Our oceans are full of mysterious things which are actually hard to believe that they exist underwater, somewhere deep into the water lies the marvelous and unbelievable things which might have a history of thousands of years.

It is not that water has hidden secret of small tiny things and the things related to water only, the discoveries have found that oceans have buried large objects like a river, huge canyons, large artifacts and even the entire ancient cities and much more.

What would be the possibilities of new discoveries underwater in coming days?

The total size of Earth’s surface is 196.9 million mi², and 71% of its surface is covered by ocean only. Out of the total area of water, only around the 5% of its surface has been explored, which means more than 95% of water’s surface remains unexplored yet.

So, it is imaginable that the possibilities of breathtaking new discoveries underwater in coming days. However, we have listed out some of the most amazing findings underwater in past.  

The lost Kingdom of Cleopatra

Kingdom of Cleopatra

Source: Pinterest

The famous city of Thonis Heracleion in ancient times, presently known as the lost kingdom of Cleopatra dedicated as a gateway to Egypt. These days, this mysterious legendary city is swamp near to Alexandra in Aboukir Bay of Egypt.

The reason behind the sinking of the city still remains a mystery, however, it was devoured by the Mediterranean Sea and has been concealed in the sand for over 1200 years.

Cancun Sculpture Park

Source: brightsuntravel

The Cancun Underwater Museum was a plan of Jaime Gonzalez Canto, in 2005 Dr. Gonzalez suggested his plans to the President of the Cancun Nautical Association, Mr. Roberto Diaz Abraham.

However, Diaz Abraham leaves his attention from the project in 2008 by saying it would take so long to complete this project. Later in 2010, a British Sculptor Jason Taylor, became interested in the project and he asked Mr. Roberto to run the project together.

Now, the project has around 500 underwater sculptures. Which is registered as a non-profit organization

An Ancient City of China

The underwater city of china, known as the Lion City in history has sunken under the lake in 1995, by the Chinese government by deciding to open new hydropower project, the place was required to build a manmade lake. Slowly the city started to sink deep into the water and reached over 130 feet underwater.

According to the research, the city was built during AD 25 to 200, now the city is being one of the major tourist attraction of China

Source: inhabitat

2000 years old Shipwreck near Aeolian Island

Source: abcnews

The Shipwreck was found by the archaeological team while exploring deep into the water near the Aeolian Islands. The ship has been observed and found out about 2,000 years of age, which was carrying plates, bowls, amphorae, anchors and a preserved sacrificial altar.

Silfra Rift, a Border of North America and Europe

Source: dive

Silfra rift is the divergent tectonic boundary between the Eurasian and North American, located in the Pingvallavatn Lake in Iceland.

Presently, this rift is known as one of the best diving spots in the entire world due to various reasons such as, visibility up to 100m deep, some of the clearest water, even the more interesting factor is that there are 6 different places from where the divers can touch American and Eurasian continental plates at the same time.

7500 Years old Olive Oil Production Center

Source: ancient-origins

An underwater excavation made on Haifa, Israel, has shown a 7,200-year-old Neolithic village. Because of the rise in sea level, the village in now only 5 meters (16 ft.) deep.

Researchers from 3 different Universities of Australia and Israel has discovered of the interesting survival skill of ancient society like how they hunted, what they ate, who they traded with and the amazing factor is that the place has found out with the oldest olive oil production center.

Amazing shape on the surface of Pacific Ocen

Source: martianherald 

It was first discovered by scuba diver Yoji Ookata almost 80 feet deep in the sea. While Mr. showed this to the world, everyone was querying, if it was because of Aliens. However, it was not the case after the research it came out that a small and very smart fish was responsible for this.

Dwarka, City of Lord Krishna

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Marine archaeological explorations made on the Dwarka has taken out a large number of stones with different shapes like rectangular, square, semicircular which was found 6 meters deep into the water along with varieties of anchors of stones.

The discovery suggests that the city was built during the late medieval period and was one of the busiest cities of that time.

Underwater River in the Black Sea

Source: martianherald

The river under the black Sea was first discovered and announce on 1st August 2010, by the scientists at the University of Leeds, which is the first river ever found underwater, also taken as the world’s sixth largest river.

The length of the river is 37 miles, located 115 feet deep into the sea with 0.6 miles width. The speed of the water flow is 4 miles per hour with 22,000 cubic meters of water flowing per second.

The Lost Continent Mu

Source damninteresting

By many different types of research, scientists have discovered an evidence of an ancient ‘lost continent’ under the Indian Ocean. Some new evidence shows that this continent called as ‘Mauritia’ by geologists is a part of present Madagascar and India. The rest of the part probably sank deep into the Ocean about 84 million years ago.

Mysterious Pyramid near Azores, Portugal

Source surfertoday

An underwater pyramidal structure was discovered in a depth of 40m off the Coast of Terceira Island. The structure was first visited by a private yacht owner, Diocleciano Silva during his trip.

The height of the pyramid is estimated approx. 80 meters, through GPS digital technology. The various research made on the Pyramid shows that it was designed with fully oriented plan and also supports the belief that human occupation of the Azores predates the arrival of the Portuguese by thousands of years

RMS Titanic, The Largest Ship

Source:  wiki

The largest Cruise of the time, RMS Titanic was built in 31st May 1911 which was sunk in North Atlantic Ocean on 15th April 1912, which is presently located approx. 370 miles southeast off the coast of Newfoundland, under the 12,500 ft. depth. The wreck has two large main pieces which are still recognizable

Mahabalipuram Pagodas

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As seen by the Indian Navy and Archaeological Survey of India, they conducted to make a research of the site and it was revealed that large structures of buildings, walls, and platforms were used in forming a large complex.

The Diving bell Spider

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Among the thousand species of spider, Argyroneta Aquatica is the only species that spends its entire life underwater. This spider very rarely comes above the surface to breathe, different research has also shown that they can survive underwater up to 1 day.

The great Blue hole

Source: dive

As per the researchers, the formation of the Great Blue Hole took from 15,000 to 153,000 years, which is presently a World Heritage Site of the UNESCO, part of the larger Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System, which is circular in shape with 108 m of height and 300 m of width

Zhemchug Canyon, The Largest Canyon of World

Source: youtube

Zhemchug Canyon is the world largest and the deepest canyon, located in the center of the Bering Sea. It is so amazing that the Zhemchug Canyon is deeper than the Grand Canyon i. e. 1,875m (6,093 ft.) deep

Deepest Fish Ever Found

Source youtube

A creature that has been found in the incredible depth of 8,145 meters (26,722 ft.) is the deepest living creature found ever which was discovered in the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean and breaks the previous record by about 1,640 ft.  It has given a name, Snailfish.

Lake Michigan Stonehenge

Source: mantadiveshop

Discovery made in 2007 by the Professor of Underwater Archaeology, Mr. Mark Hooley with his colleague Mr. Brian Abbot, discovered a peculiar set of aligned stones under the depth of 12 meters, which are believed to be more than 10,000 years old.

61 ton of Irish Silver from Atlantic Ocean

Source: yourdailydish

During the World War II, a large number of silver has vanished deep into the sea from a British cargo ship, which was carrying treasure from India to the Britain. The Price of the silver was about $36 million at today’s prices.

The Odessey marine Exploration team has discovered the 99% of the total silver from the 4,800 meters deep from the surface of Atlantic Ocean in 2011

The Antikythera mechanism 

Source: panoramio

It has found that the Antikythera was built to calculate the positions of the planets, phases of the Moon, and eclipses. It is believed that the technology is above 2,000 years old and it has been described as an analog computer used in ancient times. This mechanism was discovered in a shipwreck by sponge divers in 1900.