18 years' actress Yara Shahidi's Family Life and Parents; Know about her relationship with Father and Siblings

April 4, 2018
First Published On: April 4, 2018

Getting success at an early age is only possible with the help of family support, isn’t it? An American actress Yara Shahidi who is best known for starring as Zoey Johnson in the series Black-ish has achieved success in her professional life with the support of her parents.


Being such a talented person at a young age, everyone would definitely want to know about her. Well, we know about her professional life, Don’t we? Besides her professional life, today we will let you know about Yara Shahidi's familial relationships. So stay tuned to know all about her bond with her family.

Yara Shahidi's Familial relationship

It is hard to balance personal life and professional life at the same time. Even experienced and mature people fail to balance it as we have got to hear it many times. Don’t we? But the 18-year actress who has started her career at a very small age has managed to balance both in her life.

CAPTION: Actress, Yara Shahidi with her father Afshin Shahidi and mother Keri Shahidi SOURCE: Instagram

Being one of the demanded actresses and models of these days, she has to give most of her time in the set. Despite having such a busy schedule, she has managed to spend quality time with her family. Her family consists of six individuals: father, mother, grandmother, and two brothers including her.

CAPTION: Yara Shahidi's family picture SOURCE: Instagram

Yara Shahidi's relationship with all of them is perfect. She gives all of her free time to them. If we go through her Instagram, then we can see a lot of her pictures with her family and a sweet caption showing love towards them. Let’s have a look at her few family photographs:

CAPTION: Yara Shahidi's enjoying vacation with family SOURCE: Instagram
CAPTION: Yara Shahidi's family picture SOURCE: Instagram
CAPTION: Yara Shahidi's family picture SOURCE: Instagram
CAPTION: Yara Shahidi's family lunchtime SOURCE: Instagram

Well, after looking at all this, we can definitely say that she has a good relationship with her family and she loves to spend time with them.

Yara Shahidi is close to her father, Afshin Shahidi than other members

It is a heard of the trait of the human society that daughters are closer to their fathers than the other members of their family. Likewise, Yara Shahidi is also closer to her father than any other member of her family.

CAPTION: Yara Shahidi's with her father Afshin Shahidi SOURCE: Instagram

Well, if you go to her Instagram profile, then you can see lots of her picture with her father than anyone else.  It shows how much she loves her. The very fact of her having more pictures with her father reveals that she likes the company of her father to her heart's content. 

Yara Shahidi's Siblings

As Yara Shahidi is the eldest of the three siblings, she shows her younger brothers much love and affection. It is safe to say that she fulfills all of her responsibilities towards her small brothers.

CAPTION: Yara Shahidi's with her two brothers SOURCE: Instagram
CAPTION: Yara Shahidi's with her cousin sister SOURCE: Instagram

In free time, she has fun together with her brother and mostly with one of her cousin sisters. We all know that Yara Shahidi has already got success in her career and nowadays she is also guiding her brother, Sayeed Shahidi in his acting and modeling career.

That's all there is to it! Yara Shahidi seems like a family girl, what do you think?